This article looks at why strength training has become the most significant component of holistic health and how you, too, can look to achieve improved health and well-being. You will need a clear idea of what holistic health is and also why strength training must be a key component for this to be successful.

Holistic Health

A holistic approach to health is about considering more than just illnesses and their symptoms but the entire lifestyle, social and environmental concerns, and mental and physical well-being of the individual. Below are the components of a holistic health program that you should include to ensure you remain healthy and happy for as long as possible. The idea is to consider everything the body and mind need to perform at their best – nutrition, exercise, sleep and rejuvenation – and to consider these as parts of the entire health program or regime.

You can essentially break up the concept of holistic health into five aspects:
1. Physical – This is primarily related to the physical nature of the body and physical health and exercise. It is the main concern of this article and the one aspect that you can start improving right now. It is also the one aspect that affects all others listed below in a positive manner.
2. Mental – This is about how well you feel and how well the brain functions, easily affected by increasing endorphins through exercise.
3. Spiritual – All about the connection with the self and your inner soul.
4. Social – The friends and positive relationships that you are able to build, develop, and maintain.
5. Emotional – Often linked with mental health, your emotional well-being concerns your emotional intelligence and how well you deal with emotional ups and downs.

Your Exercise Regime

It’s best to start with an exercise regime that centers on strength training because this will have the most holistic and overall positive effect on good health and well-being.

Cardio exercise is important for heart health, but recent advances in human physiology research have shown that strength training and high-intensity training are much more important.

Strength training must be the core of the program, as this is the best way to get toned, lose weight and build muscle all at the same time. Some of the best advice to follow is to start slowly and look to use simple machines or resistance training systems that can be easily assembled and installed in the space you have available at home. Places like have some great examples of cable machines that will provide great resistance training options. You can always improve or add to the machines and gym equipment that you buy as you improve in strength and fitness.

Food and nutrition are also important; don’t look at what you need in your daily dietary intake as something separate. Food and nutrition must be seen as the intrinsic part of your strength training and exercise program.

Holistic health is all about being able to look at the big picture, but at the core of this should arguably be a sustainable and ongoing exercise program with strength training at its center.