The newest and most innovative technology is here and is called a fluidizer. It is perfect for mixing ingredients with different shapes, sizes, or densities, such as in animal feed. These machines are also almost twice as fast as your traditional ribbon blenders. Read on to learn more about when it is time to buy one of these.

New Technology

If you need newer and more innovative technology, it is time to purchase a fluidizing blender. They are ideal for automated and manual systems, so they will be easy to incorporate into your workplace. Plus, the technology in these machines will offer superior benefits to almost any other type of blender. Upgrading equipment is always an investment and creates better conditions for your business.

More Efficiency

Fluidizing blenders mix varying types of ingredients efficiently, no matter their size, shape, or density. Reducing production times to create efficiency that will create more money and better a product is everyone’s goal. That’s why this is the machine for you. Imagine being able to produce certain mixes in under a minute. It is possible now! Plus, these mixers are designed for energy efficiency.

Increased Production

Every business could benefit from more output. Fluidizing blenders can produce up to ten times the amount of product that ribbon blenders can in the same amount of time. In other words, it is time to buy one. Your business will thank you.

Lower Shear

These machines are extremely gentle with ingredients. If you have been damaging many fragile ingredients, it is time to upgrade to a fluidizing blender. Plus, these machines do not produce as much heat as traditional blenders. This is important for keeping your fire risk lower and your employees happy.

Higher Particle Movement

Fluidizing blenders offer the highest particle movement available. In other words, they are faster and can give you are more even mixture. This means that if you are thinking about agglomerating, you need to buy one of these. Otherwise, you may not produce the highest quality products.

Less Overmixing

Everyone is guilty of a little overmixing. If this is a bad habit that has threatened your business, you should upgrade to a fluidizing blender. It is impossible to overmix in these machines, so you don’t have to deal with the stress of wondering how long your blender has been on.

Fluidizing blenders are the most recent addition to the industrial blender lineup. If you are looking to produce more high-quality products in less time, it is time to invest in one of these. Once you try one, you will enjoy the crazy benefits of these machines.