Whether you’re designing a brand-new bathroom space, or you’re looking to improve your existing bathroom and change things up a little, there are a few key things you should take into consideration when planning a bathroom. You want to ensure that your bathroom is a fresh, relaxing space for you to enjoy, making the design process as simple as possible and resulting in a space you feel you can escape to and use to wind down. Taking certain stages into consideration, the following post will help you achieve your dream bathroom. You can read common remodeling questions answered at Bathroomsbyrupp.com along with inspiration and creative design ideas. 


First thing to take into consideration when planning a bathroom is the layout. This is the most important step as you need to ensure your bathroom is going to work for you and the space you have available. There may be certain limitations when it comes to the layout of your bathroom, depending on whether you have the toilet, bath and shower fitted already and whether they have to stay in their existing place or not. Take these key features into consideration and plan the rest of the bathroom around them, as this will help you make sure everything is where it should be, with the right amount of space between each feature to ensure the bathroom is easily accessible and you have enough room to move around. 


Key Features

As mentioned above, there are a few key features that are required in the bathroom, from the toiler and sink to your shower and bath. Think about which features are going to work in your bathroom, whether that’s a separate shower and bath unit, or perhaps you’d find it easier to utilise the space properly and combine the two. This is also the perfect time to think about how you can really make the most out of your bathroom, with the addition of modern touches including the smart shower. As one of the most popular new additions to the bathroom, the smart shower is a great feature to bring that spa like feel to your own home. With brands including Aqualisa providing a whole range of different showers to suit different needs, you can find the perfect fit for your bathroom style. 



When it comes to the bathroom, you want your space to bright and fresh and lighting is one of the best ways to achieve this. Bathroom lighting is extremely important as not only does it make the space practical and easy to use, but it sets the right tone and creates the perfect atmosphere. Having your main lighting complemented by some down lights gives you the option to set the mood properly, whether it’s bright first thing in the morning or toned down for a relaxing evening soak.  



Choosing the right hardware to complement your bathroom is crucial. The right set of handles or knobs can finish off the bathroom perfectly, but they can just as easily take away from the overall look if you don’t get it quite right. Figure out what your finish of choice is, whether that’s brass, chrome or silver and look around at the different options available. Once you’ve settled on your dream hardware, you can plan exactly how it’ll look in your bathroom and ensure you get the ‘wow’ factor you bathroom deserves.