Well dapper friends, my decorating project is completed.
Thank you to everyone who gave me input and ideas!

I was definately inspired by my favorite magazine
 Flea Market Style and by Country Home Magazine.

To see the before pictures go to this post.
To see the transformation keep scrolling….
                 I loved the look of the frames and I liked the look of the frames with other things
placed in them from this post.
So I did my own version of combining the two to create a look that I havent seen before.
I really like it! What do you think?

 I stayed with the white, gold and black that I have in our home.
Then I added turquoise as the accent because it is
one of my most favorite colors.
 I had the antique mirror with the gold frame
and I had some of the picture frames too.
 I went to some second hand stores to find some more cool frames
 then painted and refinished them to fit exactly what I wanted!
Because I love vintage and because I love children and am going
 to soon be an elementary school teacher,
I took a vintage children’s primer that I had and framed a few of the pages.
I bought the smaller frames setting on the wall sconce
from my friend at BowChique.
I added the wall sconce because I love the look of the
 frames stacked in layers together so I created a space to do this.
I hand dyed the ribbon my favorite dark turquoise color to hang the skeleton key
from a hook that I painted black.
In the white oval frame I just added some decorative paper.
The white doors you see in the mirror
lead to our in kitchen dining area. 
Over in a corner by these doors I put this vintage
chair also done in my favorite color!
This corner is my favorite.
 I purchased the photo of the vintage typewriter from
Catherine Ann Decor and noticed that
 the Letter “T” was right below the number “5”.
I asked her if she would do a custom close up of this for me
because our last name is Temcio
and there are 5 members of our immediate family.
She did an outstanding job and I am so happy to have
vintage looking modern art that has  deep
meaning to me and that I can keep forever.
Here is another view.
In the opposite corner from this on the otherside
of the big front window,
I painted a salvaged magazine rack to look like
 old weathered white paint. 
 I ripped an old trellace from our yard and wrapped my
amazing plant up the wood
so it will grow around it . I love plants!
I also put up another vintage mirror that I have had
for a long time, and I framed the Arizona licence plate
 from an old car of ours because up until 5 years ago
Arizona is where I have lived my life
and I love the reminder of home.

I stacked up some old vintage boxes I already had in my work space….
Then my daughter had the awesome idea of using old wine boxes
pushed together as a coffee table. Love it!!

Antique chest from Great Grandma,
some books that my daughter and I ripped the covers
off of and bound with old string…
add a few more books and a box…perfection!
The table that used to be in front of the window is now behind the sofa.
(did you know that you can go back and click on the pictures to make them bigger?)

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse