Water is essential for life as we know it, your body consists of 60-70% water and it is essential to the transfer of nutrients into your cells and toxins out.

But, not all water is created equal. The water that comes out of your faucet has been through a treatment works, but this is not as good as water that has been through your own water filter.

In short, you need a water filter and should get one today.

Of course, there are plenty of different types of water filters on the market, that’s why it’s best to speak to a specialist in water filters Sydney before selecting the right one for your home.

The Treatment Process

The first thing to understand is that a water treatment works does a useful job. It removes large and small debris, bacteria, and a variety of other things from your water. In fact, the water is not allowed to leave the treatment center until it reaches a government-specified standard.

However, the treatment process does still leave several issues in the water:

  • Chlorine

Chlorine is added to the water as it is extremely effective at killing bacteria. Unfortunately the chlorine remains in the water when it reaches your home. It has the potential to kill bacteria in your body although this is unlikely.

But, chlorine is known to have a negative effect on the respiratory system and is actually a toxin in sufficient quantities. In addition, if you already have respiratory issues, such as asthma, it can make it worse.

Chlorine also causes dry skin which isn’t great if you’re showering in this water.

A water filter removes the chlorine, making it safer for you to use.

  • Fluoride

Fluoride is added to the water at the treatment center. This is because it is believed to help keep your teeth and bones healthy and strong. 

However, more recent research has suggested a link between fluoride and cancer. While more research is needed it’s a good idea to use a water filter which will remove the fluoride.

  • The Pipes

The water may leave the treatment center at an acceptable standard but it still has to travel through hundreds of miles of pipes before it can get to your home.

Unfortunately, the water board cannot inspect every bit of pipe every day, there will be some places where a slight crack is allowing bacteria and even bugs into the water.

In addition, the interior of the pipe will degrade over time, this will lead to small pieces of debris being added to the water. You may not be able to see the debris but it will be present, a water filter will eliminate it for you.

You can choose between a whole house water filter system or just one that feeds to a single tap. Both systems will give you clean drinking water, the whole house system offers the benefit of being able to use any faucet for drinking or cooking without having to think about it.