*This is not a sponsored post. I am sharing this information for a friend without compensation.

Plexus has never before offered FREE Shipping but you get it on whatever you buy this month only!  Why is this important to you? Because you need Plexus to get you through the holidays being healthy and well. Think you have seen and heard it all before when it comes to supplements? You haven’t. 🙂 Not until you read this article and find out what you have been missing in your diet that will bring you the success that you have been looking for.

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My friend Erin is very low key about her Plexus sales but I asked if I could write about it because I see how tremendously it has worked for her. There are so many testimonies of how it has helped people with lots of different medical issues from auto immune diseases, and allergies, to anxiety and migraines to high blood pressure. Her own testimony though is one of inspiration because for 5 years she really suffered from bone pain, migraines, kidney stone attacks, chest pain, and IBS. She was a medical mess! (Sorry Erin) After being on a bunch of medications prescribed by doctors and natural products that did not work, she kept searching for the answer and she found it when she tried Plexus through a friend. She, like many people who use Plexus for health reasons, also found that she lost weight as well. Similarly, people who take Plexus for dieting stay on the plan for the health benefits.


I am willing to try anything that has great benefits because I am always trying to find the balance of things that work for me personally. We are all wired differently and I do believe that there has to be many products out there to be able to fill the needs of so many different people.


I am going to try Plexus for awhile and see how it works for me and I will let you know what I think. For now, I am sharing my friend’s story because she has had such a dramatic year in 2015 becoming almost 100% healthy, losing weight and feeling back to her old self again.


She is having a giveaway so that you can try Plexus too! Each week there is a new prize and the week of Thanksgiving, all your entries will be tallied up to win a Grand Prize! I am not going to wait to win some though, I am going to get my own and give it a try!

You can enter HERE.

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I am going to try the Plexus Slim drink to curb sugar cravings, Block for the times when I eat poorly (parties, events, holidays, etc) and I want to try the Pro Bio 5 for LOTS of reasons!

Let me know in the comments if you have ever heard of or used Plexus products so I can get some good opinions from my readers!


Have you ever tired the little pink drink called plexus slim?