Criminal justice is a rewarding field that many people are interested in pursuing. From law enforcement to criminology, you can find a variety of jobs that serve the community and are personally rewarding. If you’re considering a career in this field, these are some of the reasons why having a criminal justice degree can serve you well.

1. Job Stability Over Time

In today’s uncertain job market, there are few careers that have much in the way of job stability. However, criminal justice careers tend to offer more security than others. There’s always a demand for well-trained law enforcement, which is why most people enjoy a long career.

2. Mentally Challenging

In order to succeed in this career, you’ll have to think fast and be able to face a variety of challenges. Going in a program like the University of Cincinnati criminal justice degree will help prepare you for a career. However, you’ll get to use problem-solving skills on a daily basis, which is why many people find this career personally rewarding.

3. Flexible Learning Schedule

If you’re in a position where you need to work full-time and earn your degree in your spare time, then you can do this with a criminal justice degree. The University of Cincinnati Online criminal justice program makes it easy for people to succeed without having to give up their day job initially. Since some careers often don’t have associated online programs, you can learn what you need to know with a flexible schedule.

4. Good Benefits

Finding a job that has good health benefits and a retirement plan can be difficult, but public service careers offer a competitive benefits packages. They are often even better than private sector jobs, so you can be assured that you’re going to be prepared for whatever happens in the future. Everyone wants a career that offers them a safety net if something goes wrong, so you can enjoy greater peace of mind with a career in this field.

5. Providing a Public Service

Although many people choose a career in criminal justice for a variety of reasons, one of the top ones is that they want to help others. You’re going to be learning essential skills that will help your community and the people that live there to be safer on a daily basis. Not only will you be helping to keep the community safe by preventing criminals from harming citizens, you’ll also be in a position to help rehabilitate prisoners or help people get back on their feet. This is one of the most frequently mentioned reasons why people choose a career in criminal justice – and with good reason. It’s important to have a career where you have an impact in the world.


Although you will have challenges in this career just like any other, a career in criminal justice is a great choice for a variety of reasons. These five are just an example of why people choose to earn a degree and work in this field.