I am heading to St. Thomas for a few days.
I am excited as I have not been to the Virgin Islands
but have heard that it is truly a paradise.
Here are some packing tips I have to share with you
that I always use when traveling so that I don’t
have to check a bag.
Traveling with only a carry-on bag makes things
less complicated; the airline may loose my luggage,
or I have to wait SO long at the baggage carousel.
It saves me money to!
With airlines charging fees for luggage, I save lots
of money. By taking a carry-on this trip I will save $50!
Here is how I pack. . .
Tip 1.
Coordinate clothing that has the same basic color scheme
so that you can mix and match pieces, therefore taking much less clothes.
I decided to do reds, whites and blues this trip…maybe I am
still feeling patriotic from America’s Independence Day.
Ralph Lauren uses these colors often, so many of my clothes
for this trip are from this designer.
Here are the “outfits” I put together, but also notice that all the
pieces will work with each other
(shoes and accessories too).
one . . .
 Ralph Lauren Swim Wear and terry Cover up skirt.
Red flip flops from Old Navy,
bracelet from Jewelry Mint, vintage necklace chain.
two . . .
 Sundress from Target (many seasons ago)
shoes by Me Too. Lia Sophia Jewelry.
Necklace from AVON to benefit AVON Foundation of Women.
three . . . 
Sundress from Old Navy (this season)
Shoes Adrienne Vittadini,
Jewelry from Kohls.
 four . . .
Ruffle tank from Target,
GAP Cut off distressed Denim Shorts
Necklace from etsy (the charms have my children’s names
engraved in them) and a charm of a (lucky)red ladybug
embellished with bright rhinestones.


five . . .
These are my staples and back-up items…
white strappy tank from AERO,
a paper thin long sleeve tee (in case I need the sun off me,
or the 80 degree forecast is wrong and gets cooler)
White shorts from Jolt at Nordstrom.
 six . . . 
This is my dress to go out to a nice dinner.
It is a halter, backless Ralph Lauren Maxi Dress.
The original tag on this dress is $175, but I got it on clearance
for $60…seriously!
Normally I would wear high heels with this dress, but I am not
healed from my knee surgery yet, so I went and bought
a more stable option so I am safe when I walk!
They are at Target this season.
 last . . . 
This is my white swim cover up to lounge in at night.
Tip 2. 
Separate small items into bags for organization.
Here I put all my jewelry and hair ties into a vintage clutch.
Dont forget to put all liquids and gels into
a clear baggie so that it can be sent through the X-ray scanner
and easily identified by security.
The rule is no container bigger than 4 oz.
If you bring cologne or ANYTHING bigger than this it will get
thrown in the trash no questions asked.
Some airports require 1 quart size plastic bags,
others will accept gallon bags.
take both to be prepared.
Tip 3.

Make sure the place you are staying has an iron and ironing board!
Call ahead and ask!
Also, take a spray bottle for water and
a travel sized Wrinkle Release spray.

Tip 4. 
Take whatever clothing can be rolled and make them compact.
Fold the others.
Tip 5. 
Put shoes into the bottom part of the bag first to weight it, then clothing,
then other items. I laid my dress out on top because
it cant be ironed. I will have to steam it in the shower when I arrive
and hang it up.
Tip 6. 
Put items that have to go through security at the TOP of your
carry on or in outside pockets to make security easy and fast.
You dont want to be digging through your stuff and hold up the line!
This includes your baggie of liquids/gels and all electronics.
And there is my little carry-on ready to go!
(Zip Lock and Laptop on top)
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