My daughter and I have always wanted to do a themed tree. It is fun going to the stores and seeing the creative and exciting trees decorated with thematic decor such as peacocks, gingerbread house, or even just similar colors all together on one tree. Of course as a family on a tight budget, spending money to create a themed tree has not been an option, but when it comes right down to it, traditional decorations for years past largely contribute to the holidays having meaning and a homey, family love type of feeling.

Every year each member of our family gets an ornament that represents something personal. When the children have a home and a tree, they will take these ornaments with them to remember the Christmases of the past and feel the familiar sentiment of growing up, being loved and the excitement of the Holidays. Opening the boxes of ornaments each year is a treat.

What fun memories! From crafts at home to school projects to store bought there is lots to love here!

A craft that I made with the children in my “Hone Childcare” in 2008.

School Project gift to my husband and I from our little guy.

WOW! Our 18 year old looks much different these days…still gorgeous though.

Pets of the past that we still love and miss so much.

Daddy’s School and sports loyalties reside with the OHIO State.

This past year I got my masters degree & teacher certification! Perfect ornament to remember this by.

My daughter has always loved peacocks so she has a few ornaments of these beautiful birds.

We moved from Arizona to Chicago for better schools, better lives, and better jobs. We love it here.

My artistic and crafty daughter made us ornaments with my young son as a special gift to treasure.

My daughter got to ice skate outside in the winter when we moved to Chicago and she LOVES it.

Daddy plays hockey on neighborhood leagues for fun and loves the Pittsburgh Penguins too.

Another dog ornament because I love dogs with a serious passion.

Both son’s are incredible at soccer. The older one did high school & little guy is on a great travel league.

Yeeeee Haw! I love a Western Bull Riding Santa that reminds me of the rodeos in Arizona!

This is our tree.