Remote working can be pretty challenging. While avoiding the Monday morning traffic rush and saving a little on lunch outs may sound refreshing, it is easier to feel isolated and depressed. Research suggests that 80% of today’s workforce will leave a job for one that focuses on employee mental health. Accordingly, while 4 out of 5 experience difficulty shutting off in the evening, 45% have indicated they feel less healthy mentally when remote working. However, finding the right work-life balance with practical tools can tackle your most problems if you are a digital nomad. That said, here are some tools to make remote working easier. 

A laptop that can get work done

A computer is a productive tool to leverage for remote working. Companies may have particular software that employees need to utilize. Employees may likewise need to access the company intranet set up by the IT department. For a digital nomad, there is so much to get done in the shortest possible time. For this reason, you need a laptop that can survive the pressure. PCs and laptops are not built the same; therefore, getting a high-end laptop is ideal for staying updated with the latest apps and technologies and surviving the most demanding tasks.

Online platforms and tools

Work management software is excellent for maintaining organization anywhere and everywhere. Creating a plan and staying on your schedule is vital for optimum productivity. Several tasks management software for the most productive teams include Basecamp, Trello, Teamwork, etc. These tools are also excellent for keeping regular contact with your customers quickly, professionally, and sustainably while maintaining comfort. These platforms work via web browsers which can be a bottleneck, particularly when encountering compatible issues. However, understanding why it happens is necessary for finding lasting solutions for the platform use.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a fantastic tool to leverage if you want efficient work. The ability to create, edit and share your documents, notes, web pages, and voice notes has never been this easy. Moreover, the ability to integrate with other Google cloud services makes it a must-have tool for everyone. Additionally, Google Keep works on every device to fully arm you while helping you enjoy the flexibility of remote working.

Office 365

There is more to Microsoft Office 365 than just Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. While these apps may be the most popular selling point for the software, one excellent feature is power automation. The feature is so impressive that those with little or no knowledge of robotic process automation can easily automate their process. Other tools you can use include To Do and Planner, which help organize and track your daily activities. Furthermore, Google Keep is helpful to keep your productivity targets in sight.

With the continuous changes in the business climate, remote work will be the norm for many. In addition, remote working tools will also continue to advance. Yet, having these tools in the remote working toolkit is helpful for a great start.

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