Working from home is becoming a standard since the COVID-19 pandemic is ramping up again since the initial surge last spring. Some people who work from home complain that some of the biggest challenges of working from home are 

  • having to oversee their children’s e-learning during their own workday
  • feeling pressured to do home improvement projects themselves
  • not feeling like their home is a refuge now that it is also their workspace
  • working more than usual since supervisors and client know that they are always available

All of these things can lead to burn out for work along with burn out personally with nowhere to go to relax and unwind. Here are some things to consider when working from home. 

Prepare your child to become more independent and trust the teachers to do their job.

Many children need assistance with e-learning. I can tell you from direct experience teaching preschool and kindergarten online that when an adult is not readily available, children will learn quickly to solve problems and become independent. Children need to be taught routines that they will do each day such as computer skills, finding school links and organizing supplies. Create your child a small space working in a corner and facing a wall where distractions will be at a minimum. Make your workspace in another room where you can hear your child if they call for assistance or use a baby monitor in case they need help. If they call you for something they can figure out on their own, make them become self-sufficient or you will neer be able to leave their side. Teachers are there to help. If you are uncertain if you should jump in, get on and ask the teacher if your child truly does need your help or if it can be handled in the online class. 

Don’t waste time doing things that should be left to experts. 

People think that because they are at home, they should tackle home improvement projects on their own. A few things here and there are fine, but when real issues arise, let the professionals do their thing. If you are skilled enough to install a ceiling fan or patch some drywall and you have the time, go for it. Never attempt a project where you have to spend your money on  expensive tools that you will never use again or waste time when you should be working at your paying job. If you have plumbing issues, call Sarkinen or a professional near you before the problem gets worse. Do not let workers in your home if they appear to be ill in any way. Be certain that they wear masks. Highly sanitize any areas that they are around or touching directly. 

Find serious ways to create refuge and relaxation in your home.

Turning your own room into your sanctuary is the best way to ensure you will have privacy and alone time. If you have the physical space to add a comfortable chair or oversized bean bag then do that. Add an end table to hold a wonderfully smelling candle, good book and favorite snack or beverage. Hang plants from the ceiling that hang down around you. Add a small tree or flowering plant on the side of your chair as well. If you like netting and twinkle lights install these too. Anything special and nurturing that will calm you down. Make this space the place you use to relax with music or a good book as well as recharge with healthy food or a glass of wine. If you don’t have the space to create this little area, shop Sleep Republic Mattress to splurge on the most comfortable bed you can find. Use the plants and the fairy lights around your bed to create a similar ambiance. Enjoy the comfort while relaxing on your magical mattress and be refreshed each morning from your perfect sleep.

Organize your work to be done only during business hours and then shut off your computer.

Depending on your job you may do things like communicate with clients, collaborate with colleagues, check in with vendors, create work orders or access critical reports. If you have to do a few of these, all of these or more, you can easily use an integrated workplace management system for organized information done accurately and with speed . This will let you do more during your workday and leave the rest of your time for yourself, family and friends (or even some of those easy home improvement projects). 

The work/life balance presents more of a task than ever before. Working from home in a pandemic can be all levels of stressful. Doing things that make your life easier, more productive and more relaxing are the key to preventing burnout. Doing things that contribute to a better life at home will make you happier in all areas of your life. Implementing some of these ideas into your day are definitely things to consider when working from home in a pandemic.