Getting engaged is a big milestone to reach in life, but it is always overshadowed by the big day itself! If you and your partner have recently decided to make a commitment to each other in front of all your friends and family, you must be feeling very excited! While weddings are always fun, romantic, memorable events, it takes a lot of planning to get them just right. This can sometimes be a fun process, but it is often stressful for a lot of couples. If you want to try and make your wedding planning experience as easy as possible, remember these simple tips!


The first thing you need to figure out together as a couple is a budget that you’re both comfortable with. Weddings can get very, very expensive if you’re not careful, and financial pressure can put a lot of strain on relationships. If you want to keep your lover’s tiffs as minimal as possible in the run-up to your wedding, agreeing on how much you both want to spend on it is key. Understanding what your priorities are as a couple will help this, such as saving to buy a home if you haven’t done this already, or putting money aside so you can start a family, or even planning a world trip together. 

Savings and Loan Options

Once you have figured out how much you both want to spend on your wedding, you can begin to start putting money away for it. Even if you already have a savings account together, opening another one that is only for your wedding fund might help. This way, you won’t be tempted to drain the rest of your savings to cover your expenses. Traditionally, the father of the bride has paid for the nuptials, but this is a very outdated concept, and the reality is not everybody’s parents can afford to do this. Even if your parents are willing to contribute, you need to put money into your wedding yourself. You might even want to look into personal loans that could help you reach your goals quicker as your wedding day approaches.

The Venue

You might have a specific vision in mind when it comes to your wedding venue, but try to be flexible about this. Of course, you want your special day to be perfect, but what kind of venue you get will depend on how much you can afford, and you will also need to consider your guests when making this decision. Choosing a venue that is difficult to get to or isn’t close to any accommodation or transport links could cause problems for people, and you don’t want that to result in some of your guests being unable to attend. You will also need to think about what packages your venue can offer in terms of catering and helping you manage the event on the day. 

So many things go into planning a wedding, but hopefully, everything else should fall into place if you remember to start with these key areas.