Listen carefully and you can hear them. The wedding bells are ringing still, despite the difficulties of COVID-19. 

Okay, in general churches don’t ring out the bells for weddings these days, but the spirit is there. 

And during a pandemic, they’re figuratively ringing out wilder than ever, because Love doesn’t diminish during hard times; it becomes more important than ever. 

So bravo, bridal couple! You’ve chosen to take the plunge, despite the difficulties, and are celebrating your trust in love and the future.

But now that you have made your choice, go forward with one eye toward beauty and the other to care. Because the safety of your guests is now partially your responsibility.

1. Masks

First of all, masks. Until each guest is seated far away from everyone else and in their own little family bubble, all your guests should be masked. However, you can choose masks that add to the festivities. How about a white iridescent sequined mask for the bride and a black satin mask for the groom?

Or, go with white lace or ones labeled Bride and Groom.

For your guests, you can order ones that have the date printed on them or, my personal favorite, ones that read “Happily Ever After.”

2. Guestlist

Sadly, you’ll have to cut down your numbers considerably. You can have just family at the wedding itself and Zoom the ceremony to everyone else. 

As for the reception, you can either delay that fabulous event until the pandemic is well and truly over, or have your guests come in shifts. Send the invites printed with different times. One group is there for cake-cutting, another for toasts, and the third gets to send you off.

3. Find the right location

But what about dancing? Well, have you thought about the outdoors? If you have the space for it, say at a park or if you’re able to block off a street, you can chalk circles on the pavement at least six-feet apart. Families can each dance in their designated circle. You can also use satin ribbons to rope off areas. Make sure to use a playlist instead of a band. 

4. Pictures

Have a photographer take small individual and couples photos instead of big groups. Arrange them to be sent as a gift to your guests.

5. Cut down your face-to-face shopping time. 

Rent some gorgeous flowers online from Something Borrowed Blooms rather than shopping around town. Deluxe silk arrangements and bouquets are sent to your home and you return them in the provided boxes. They professionally clean them before they’re sent to the next wedding, so you’re also being COVID smart.

They look and smell like the real thing, and won’t fall apart in the heat of the day.

Try to do all your shopping this way. Keep you and your family and friends safe by limiting contact. 

You will have to try on any bridal gowns, but for the groom and his guys, check out The Groomsman Suit. They’re so reasonable, you might as well buy instead of rent, and they’ll help you through the tailoring process without having to go anywhere.

6. Use your decorations to organize your space.

Turn up the lights! If you’re planning on a reception in the evening, you can use fabrics and curtains of lights to separate areas. Between the curtains and the lush flowers, your wedding will look spectacular.

For Boho chic, take a look at these hand block printed linens from August Table. Bonus: you get to keep them when the wedding is over. Another bonus? You’re supporting artisans from villages in India.

7. Sanitize

Make sure to inform your guests of the no contact rule and sanitize surfaces between the waves of guests.

8. Food

Have all your food pre-plated and not all bunched together. Buffets and food stations are all the rage, but not ideal in a pandemic. Spread out the spread for everyone’s safety. Splurge for extra-posh disposable plates that are cleared and replenished before the next group of guests arrive. And remember! Sanitize! 

Have a glorious—and safe—day and an even better life! 

May your wedding be full of all the love and happiness you’ve always wanted.