Tips on how to Be a More Confident Mom

Being a mom is all about self-confidence. There will be days when you are at your wits end, feel like nothing is going right and lose that confidence that you have it all under control. Truthfully, motherhood is difficult. Each day of parenting brings about new challenges, emotional roller coasters and challenging situations to handle. As a mom there’s also the pressure to do everything right and not damage your kids. We want the best for our childrena nd we want to be the best mom for them, but we all fall short at times. Today I am going to share tips on how to be a more confident mom so that you can rest easy knowing that you got this!


You Know Best

The first step to being a more confident mom is to accept that you know best. You are the one who gave birth to this child or children, spent each waking moment with them and watched as they grew each day. When it comes to your children, you are the one who knows them better than anyone. It is helpful to take advice from others who have been in similar situations but at the end of the day, you have to do what you think and feel is right. 

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

There are many places to get tips and tricks on parenting. It is valuable to study those ideas and incorporate the ones that match your child’s needs and your own parenting style. No matter what unsolicited advice you receive from other people, learn to accept the advice and walk away either using it in a way that works for your mom journey or simply removing it from your mind. There is no one size fits all way to go about raising kids and your self-confidence can really take a hit if you try to be someone that you are not just to avoid criticism. Always remember that you are going to make mistakes (so learn from them) and you are going to do a lot of things great. There is no right way to parent. Just trust your heart and do the best you can. 

Be Who You Are

Each mom is different and every child is different. There’s nothing wrong with being a super strict or super laid back mom. If your kids are growing up to be little people that you are proud of then you are doing a good job. Your personality and beliefs are going to shape your children, so be true to who you are. If you have personality flaws that need adjustments then you need to make the effort to change. Maybe you need to get help for personal issues that are hindering your ability to parent. If you are doing your best and your kids are doing well then be confident that your approach in motherhood works best for you and your kids. Be who you are in motherhood so you always feel complete.

Remain Consistent

When it comes to raising kids most of us know that consistency rules all, but as a mom I can most certainly say that sometimes we fall off that consistency bandwagon. Stop giving yourself a hard time about the idea of remaining consistent and failing, instead focus on getting back up, dusting yourself off and start over again. Kids need to trust in the stability of your rules, your consequences and your love. When children know what is expected from you then they will be more self directed, more self assured and happier. Make sure that you are flexible in your parenting and negotiating, but always be consistent. 

Invest in Relationships

Whether it’s friendships or your marriage, learn to take the time to invest in relationships. Having a social life as a mom is probably the number one way to be a more confident mom. When you have friends and family to confide in during times of high stress moments, you will find that your confidence is boosted as you work through the woes with positive people. Sometimes you can feel very alone, but confiding in other parents who are realistic and supportive can be just what you need to be a better mom. And make sure that you take time for YOU by having fun with friends (it shouldn’t always be about the kids) and being your own self instead of your mom self all the time. The better you know yourself, the better mother you are able to be for your kids. 

Motherhood is all about learning to adapt and accept when mistakes are made as a means to be more confident. There is no one solution fits all when it comes to being a more confident mom, but I can tell you this – if you work to incorporate these tips on a regular basis, you will learn more about yourself and your children that will lead to you being a more confident mom.

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