Moving home can be extremely stressful, especially if you don’t plan and organize your move. This is one of the reasons that people hunt for their forever home, and want to settle in one place. Continuously moving to up-size or down-size is certainly less than the ideal scenario. Not to mention the costs.

There are, however, some things you can get organized before you move that could help to alleviate some of the stress: 

Let People Know About Your Change Of Address

If you know when you are moving it’s best to start letting people know. NOt only can you let friends and family know your new address, but you can also start informing the relevant companies and people so you don’t need to organize this after your move. Some of the people you need to inform include: 

  • Insurance companies
  • Broadband and TV services
  • Work
  • Family and Friends
  • Mobile contract suppliers 
  • Your bank
  • Medical practitioners


Update Your Car And Driving License Details 

You need to make sure you update all the relevant details on your driving license and your car registration when you move. This includes things like your car insurance, car ownership details, and your license. Some of the fines for not doing this can be quite hefty, therefore you don’t really want to risk it. A lot of people are unaware that their insurance can be void. Make sure you take the time to update all of these before you move or at least set a date on your ti do list. You may find that your car insurance changes price too, this will be because of a change of location. Some areas are more expensive than others because they can be considered as a higher risk. Factors such as where your car is parked overnight can also have an effect on the new price. 

Plan Your Move 

When it comes to a house move, unfortunately, you can’t just wing it. There is a lot to plan. Whether you decide to it alone or make use of interstate removalists, you will still to out a plan into place to help it run smoothly. You may want to rope in friends and family to give you a hand but make sure they know what they are doing. You don’t want to end up with a tonne of items thrown in a box with no organization to it at all. One of the keys to a stress-free move is organization so, order your tape, your boxes, and bubble wrap, and plan your packing days. 

Take Your Meter Readings 

This is something that people often forget. When you move, remember to take your final meter reading. It is the only way you can be sure you aren’t paying for something that you’re not using. Your final utility bill will accurate and it’s not going to include any costs from the new owner or tenant. Take readings for the gas, electric, and water and send it to your suppliers, most of the time you can now do this online. Usually, if you are moving they will ask you to supply them the readings by a certain date. 

Update The Electoral Roll

When you move you need to ensure you are still registered to vote. A lot of voting systems now send you a polling card directly to your home, therefore, if you want to have your opinion and want the chance to vote it’s essential for you to update your details. Chances are you are looking after your credit rating too, especially because you are moving, making sure this information is up to date helps your credit rating as lenders use this information as a form of ID.                                                                                                   

Moving Your Broadband And TV Services 

You can move your services in most moves, it’s quite rare for a provider not to provide their services in your area now. You do need to check but you are likely to be able to move your current broadband and Tv services to your new home. Many of them will try to have your services up and running for when you move, so make sure you give them a heads up of your moving date. Sometimes they may not be able to provide your services make sure you are aware of how long you have left on your contract and understand that at times there may be a cancellation cost. This could also be a good time to check out any offers or deals that are around for choosing a new provider. 

Think About The Parking 

This may not be a problem at your current address, but it’s certainly checking if there are any parking restrictions at your new home. Some areas only allow parking for residents and it means you need to get a permit to do so. You will have to apply for this before you move, otherwise, you could fall into trouble. You also need to think about access to your property. Are you going to have easy access for a van or will there be narrow roads that some van may not be able to get down? 

Arrange A Baby Sitter 

Your kids are bound to be excited and raring to go in their new home, however, for the day of the move and some of the packing days it might be best to have them looked after by a friend or family member. Your stress and their excitement aren’t going to be a great mix. Not to mention the fact that kids get bored very quickly, so it might be a good idea ot get their rooms set up before you take them to their new home. Leave them a few boxes to sort out themselves so they have helped with the move. It may be worth getting someone to look after any pets on the day of the move too. Both dogs and cats will unfamiliar with their new home and surroundings so it’s important to keep them safe and secure. 

These tips will help to make sure you are organized and ready for your next house move. Is there anything that you think should be included on this list? Please share them in the comments below.