Life is very different after having a baby. Now, you have a little person to take care of. If
you’re planning your first vacation since your bundle of joy came into the world, you may be
daunted by the prospect of the new experience. Unlike jetting off as a free and easy couple,
you have someone else to think about. However, being prepared for these changes and
understanding how to make the situation as straightforward as possible will ensure your trip
is more enjoyable than ever.

Here are some of the top things you should know before your first vacation with a baby:

Don’t get too adventurous
While you may dream of jetting off to a faraway island for some peace and quiet and
scorching hot temperatures, the reality of doing so with a baby may not be the most sensible
option. Long-haul flights and extreme heat aren’t ideal for a baby, so you may need to
reconsider your options.

If you’re planning on flying, it may be best to start off with short, direct flights to give you a
chance to assess the process. There’s nothing worse than sitting on a plane for hours with a
crying, unhappy baby – and the other passengers will also agree. Once you have gained
some idea as to what’s comfortable for you, you may feel more confident booking slightly
longer flights in the future.

Book an all-inclusive resort.
Paying that little bit extra for an all-inclusive hotel is sure to take the stress out of your
vacation. Everything you need is available at your accommodation, including food, drinks,
and activities. Some resorts may even have additional features that cater to infants,
including nanny services or daycare if you wish to spend some alone time with your partner.

Pack wisely.
With a baby, it’s natural to over pack for a vacation – after all, you simply don’t know what
you’ll need until you get there. However, you might have to be a little more stringent if you’re
confined to baggage allowance on flights. Pack the essentials first and if you have room, you
can pack a little extra to be on the safe side.
Some of the essentials to keep in mind include:
 Diapers
 Two changes of clothes per day (in case of food spills or accidents)
 Sunscreen and sunhat
 Toys

Is your little one weaning? You may also want to consider packing some solid food and
weaning essentials, such as wipeable weaning bibs and a weaning spoon from
to make feeding time easier.

Try not to worry about routine.
Before your trip, you may be apprehensive about breaking out of your usual routine –
especially if you have maintained the same schedule since your baby was born. Remember,
though, that the vacation is a break for you too, and you deserve to unwind and simply go
with the flow. It’s unlikely your baby will take much notice, so don’t stress if feeding or naps
are a little off the usual time. Aim to take it all in your stride and you’ll enjoy the vacation so
much more.