As a family, you will likely spend more time within your home than anywhere else. Then, it is important that your home is a relaxing and comfortable place that suits the needs of every member of your family. If you do not think that your home is currently up to scratch, here are some of the top ways that you can upgrade your family home before the end of the year. 

  • Buy an Arcade Machine

Although you might believe that creating a traditional games room is simply a childhood dream, it is still possible to build a fantastic games room that can entertain your entire family and can introduce them to some of the games that you loved in the past. There are many essentials that your new gaming room would be nothing without, however, and these include a pool table and an arcade machine. If you are looking to buy an arcade machine for your games room, Bitcade explores the potential options that are on offer to you and how much these will cost your family. 

  • Knock Down Your Walls

One of the major issues that impact young families’ ability to enjoy their homes is the fact that many starter homes are much too small for the average-sized family. If you are reluctant to move and yet want to make your house feel more spacious, you should consider knocking down the walls between your rooms to create an open-plan space. Open-plan rooms are perfect for families of every nature as they can allow you to spend more time together as a group. At the same time, you each carry out different activities, and it can even allow both adults and children to have separate zones within the same room. 

  • Make Your Kitchen the Hub

Even if you despise cooking and would prefer to buy a takeaway every single day of the year, it is likely that you will be spending more time cooking when you are part of a family than you expect. Then, you should work on making your kitchen the hub of the home, rather than focusing on adding flourishes to less practical rooms. You can upgrade your kitchen by swapping your appliances for long-lasting and effective alternatives, for instance, by swapping an oven for an AGA. This can both heat your room and feed your family without leaving you to spend hours trying to fit everything into a tiny oven. You should also consider investing in a kitchen island, as these can be used for storage purposes, to give you more room for food preparation, and to allow our family to spend more time together in the kitchen

  • Opt for a Gas Fireplace 

Open and wood fires can be problematic for families. Not only can they present a danger to small children, but they can also be messy and can allow pollutants to enter your home. Then, you should consider opting for a gas fireplace for your family home. This can be easily turned on and off at will, provide realistic flames that can entrance both adults and children and can be a cozy and welcoming way to heat an entire family room. Not only this, but you can invest in limestone or marble mantelpieces that can sprinkle an extra bit of glamor within your family home and can be the pride of every homeowner. 

  • Build a Deck or Patio

Whether you are an outdoorsy family, or your kids simply love to get active in the garden, your outdoor space is extremely important if you have a family home, giving your loved ones an extra space to lounge and play. However, to prevent your kids from constantly stomping mud through the house during the winter and to give the adults somewhere to enjoy in your garden, you should consider building a deck or patio for your family. Although these need a small amount of maintenance, they can smarten the appearance of any garden, especially if you struggle to find the time to perform its upkeep. 

  • Add Interesting Storage

Every family needs ample storage within their home, with many family homes scattered with discarded toys and clothing. However, you can ensure that your home remains organized and clean by upgrading the storage options within your home. This can include options such as ceiling storage beams, which can keep the mess completely out of reach, or hanging wall storage, which can stop your floor from disappearing under a mountain of childhood debris.