The Perfect Guide For Planning A Staycation This Summer

A vacation abroad can be a costly endeavor that, for many, isn’t always possible. However, everyone deserves to experience that feeling of a holiday, even if you can’t afford to fly halfway across the world. That’s why more people are seeing the advantages of having a staycation rather than booking a trip abroad. 

However, a staycation doesn’t just mean staying at home and going out on day trips; it can mean staying in your home country and seeing what there is to explore on American soil. It is the perfect combination of having home familiarities while still feeling like you are on vacation. Exploring more of what America has to offer can be an exciting adventure that the whole family can look forward to. This guide includes everything you need to know about planning a staycation this summer. 

Pick Somewhere You Have Never Been Before 

Start by thinking about all the places in America that you have never been to before and compile a list. It is likely that there will be a lot! You can then start to put them in preference order. Sit down with the whole family and discuss where each of you would like to explore. This will involve some research into each destination, like what there is to do and how far it is to travel. You might find that you want to visit more than one place. There’s no reason why you can’t do this. A road trip across America is something that hundreds of thousands of tourists do each year and can provide them with the experience of a lifetime. So, don’t be shy about where you want to go; explore America for all it is! 

Research Car Rental Locations 

If you have realized that the destination or road trip that you want to visit is in another state, there is no reason to panic. There are plenty of cheap flights that will transport you and your family, and all you will then need to do is organize the travel at the other end. While public transport is easily accessible, if you have young children, you might feel more comfortable traveling by car. Companies such as Advantage Rent a Car have car rental locations in 16 states at convenient airports that you can pre-book. This minimizes stress and ensures that you can travel around easily.  

Book Tickets For Attractions In Advance

Just like you, many people will be flocking to America for their vacation. Therefore, to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything, you should aim to book attractions and activities that you want to partake in a few months in advance. As you book the different activities, write these down in your itinerary so that you can see how your days will pan out. With the money that you save by staying closer to home, you can put it towards more days out!

Book A Shorter Stay 

As you will be staying in America, unlike a trip abroad, you have a bit more freedom by booking a shorter trip. If you were visiting the UK or France, you would benefit from going for a longer period of time due to the differing time zones, but as the US time zones are only slightly different, you aren’t restricted. You can book a long weekend to Chicago and then head off to Los Angeles for a mini-break a few weeks later without being affected too much by the time zones.