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I’m not going to say that no one likes paying bills because there is a certain amount of satisfaction one can feel when getting that checked off the “to do” list. But I feel safe saying that it isn’t something most of us prefer to do or look forward to. Bill paying however, is a fact of life and anything we can do to make it less painful sounds like a good idea to me. Financial blogger Jessica Kane asked if she could write an article about how to make bill paying more fun and I was interested to hear what she had in mind. I hope you enjoy her ideas.

5 Ways to Make Bill Paying More Fun - jenny at dappehouse #ad

5 Ways to Make Bill Paying More Fun

If you think that bill paying is a chore, then you have probably been doing it all wrong! The activity can actually be a pleasurable experience if it is done properly. To maximize your enjoyment of this necessary practice, just follow the five tips listed below. They will quickly transform your bill paying experience for the better.

1. Pay in Person

Automated bill payments may seem like a way to remove the hassle, but this kind of program actually depersonalizes the process. To maintain a higher level of enthusiasm, it is smart to conduct payments one by one. In fact, the whole event can be turned into an adventure be eschewing Internet and phone payments altogether. By locating offices that accept payments, you can schedule a relaxing journey for each bill. Most corporations have local branches for this purpose, and landlords usually prefer direct payments anyway. As a bonus, this technique enshrines extra security for all transactions by eliminating all potential middlemen.

2. Use Personalized Checks

Sometimes, the plainness of a check can make the whole affair seem drab. Fortunately, this can be rapidly remedied with a customized design. For state-of-the-art check printing technology, smart payers rely on the services of checkworks.com. This venue offers endless levels of aesthetic personalization to make your checks really stand out. Also, their interface makes reordering checks an absolute breeze. The extra pizzazz is sure to make a favorable impression, and it will keep you engaged in an otherwise uneventful part of your schedule.

3. Round and Reward

To really capitalize on the potential fun of paying bills, savvy economic thinkers preemptively round up their estimated expenses for the month. By expecting a substantially higher payment for the 4-week period, it is possible to guarantee a good amount of leftover funds. After the task is accomplished, this additional cash can be applied to a personal reward. This is a great strategy for buying luxurious items that are otherwise hard to afford. It is also a great approach for generating more cash during holiday seasons.

4. Pay in Advance

Sometimes, tendering the money early is all it takes to make bill paying fun. The sense of accomplishment will add extra layers of satisfaction, and it will free more room in your remaining budget for leisure and recreation. Furthermore, you will automatically avoid any chance of late fees, which preserves more of your personal finances in the long run. Staff members are usually friendlier towards those who consistently pay ahead of time, so you can look forward to positive social reactions as a result of this maneuver.

5. Throw a Celebration!

A lot of people face uncertain economic pictures, so they are unable to pay their bills on time. Therefore, the ability to promptly pay off your debts should not be taken for granted. If you are able to cover all of your costs, then it is definitely a cause for celebration. By looking forward to a monthly party after your bills are paid, it is possible to remember the significance of the occasion. There are endless ways to celebrate in commemoration of financial stability. A small shindig with close acquaintances is always preferred, but there is no reason to skip out on fine restaurants and night clubs too!

Final Word

With this advice, it is possible for bill paying to go from a dreaded tedium to an anticipated delight. By looking at your bills in a different light, you will finally be able to enjoy them. Hopefully, this overview provided you with some much-needed perspective to make bill paying a blast!