While our teen years are often full of makeup experiments (and disasters), most of us find a style which suits by our twenties. We then get into the habit of doing the same basic routine every single day. It’s fantastic for saving stress and time, and it ensures that we always look our best. 

Along the line, though, you may notice that your go-to makeup stops looking quite as pristine. This might happen by the time you reach your thirties, or you may be able to carry on as you are until you’re forty and beyond. Either way, you may suddenly feel as though you’re facing the makeup rut of your teen years all over again. 

In many ways, this is one of those inevitable parts of aging. Your skin is changing, so it makes sense that your makeup should too. The good news is that you might not necessarily need to go right back to the drawing board. In most cases, a few alterations should see you looking your best again in no time. And, we’re going to look at them here. 

Less is more

Image Credit: Edward Cisneros

When changing your makeup routine to suit a more mature face, it’s vital to note that less is more. When we’re young, we use so much foundation that only a chisel could get through it at the end of the day. There comes a time, though, where using excessive amounts of foundation is only going to highlight your wrinkles, while statement lipstick is surely too much. Instead, try using just a pea-sized blob of foundation on each cheek. Try, too, to lessen any harsh colors. More subtle and natural choices are sure to suit your older self better. The best thing about this is that you can strip back the makeup routine you already have or change your color palette without needing to totally alter your style. 

No more matte

While we’re on the subject of things which highlight wrinkles, you could well do with ditching the matte options. The trouble is that matte foundations and lipsticks will find their way right into those pores and lines. And, that’s going to end up highlighting issues instead of covering them. That said, going for a shiny foundation or lipstick can also wreak havoc on your wrinkles. As such, it’s best to replace current products with options which boast of a sheen rather than an outright shine. When you pair these new items with your less is more mentality, you should start looking your best again in time. 

Add a lift

As well as taking away from your current makeup routine, you might want to add to it with lifting your face in mind. As a young twenty-something, this wouldn’t have been a priority when it came to your makeup, but you’ll soon pay the price if you don’t change that later in life. Something as simple as blusher can help here, though you should use blush cream instead of powder to avoid that matte effect. Take plenty of time, too, finding a natural blush shade which suits. It’s also well worth investing in some contouring and highlighting kits. These can go a long way towards brightening your entire look, just make sure that you take some time learning how to contour and highlight properly. Less is more, remember, and poorly done contouring is going to make you look a lot worse before things get better. Done right, though, this could play a large part in the solution to your appearance worries. 

Image Credit: Joanna Kosinska

Ditch the winged eyeliner

While you can alter most of your makeup routine to fit with your new needs, there is something you could do with getting rid of altogether. Winged eyeliner is a staple for most of us in our twenties as a way to highlight our eyes and achieve that smoky look. On an aging face, though, winged eyeliner is rarely that flattering. Rather than highlighting your eyes in a good way, it can fast begin to make you look tired or even emphasise unflattering eye wrinkles. The best solution here would be to do away with the line over your eyelid itself. Instead, begin wings from the corners of your eyes so that you achieve a lift without any ill-effects.

Remember, too, that the right makeup routine is never a set thing. These styles might suit you now, but you should return to them in another ten years or so, and continually alter to ensure that your efforts always suit you.