We all have to travel every day to do various things. As someone who wants to live a green lifestyle, this poses a significant conundrum. How do you travel around without creating a large carbon footprint? 

Let’s say you can’t walk to where you need to go, and there aren’t any decent public transport options in your area. In this case, what are the greenest vehicles you can use for eco-friendly daily travel? 


Traditional cars are the least eco-friendly vehicle for daily travel because they produce lots of carbon emissions. Additionally, lots of carbon emissions are produced in the production of cars. Electric vehicles solve the daily emissions problem, making them a very good eco-friendly option for families. 


Believe it or not, motorcycles are more fuel-efficient than cars. It may not sound like it when you see them roaring around, but they consume less fuel per journey. They’re also smaller, so use fewer resources in production, creating fewer carbon emissions. As you can see on sites like txtoysales.com, you can find used motorcycles with a little bit of storage space on the back. If you live alone or don’t need to travel with others, a motorcycle can be a good option. Plus, there are electric motorcycles these days, which produce zero emissions and are greener than electric cars!

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We can split scooters into two sub-categories:

  • Stand-up scooters
  • Sit-down scooters

Sit-down scooters are like mopeds, which consume fuel and are more eco-friendly than cars and motorcycles. It’s also possible to find some electric sit-down scooters, which are very convenient and green. 

Strand-up scooters are ones you stand on and push with one foot. Naturally, zero emissions are produced by them, but they’re wildly impractical. This is why e-scooters are becoming more popular, letting you enjoy emission-free travel with minimal effort. A very good option if you need to travel to or from work every day without carrying much. 


Of all the vehicles out there, bicycles are the greenest. A standard bike is completely emission-free and doesn’t consume lots of resources to produce. There are no electrical components, so production is much faster and produces fewer carbon emissions. 

You can get electric bikes, and they are useful. But, in terms of green vehicles, nothing beats a good old-fashioned bicycle!

Which green vehicle is the best for you?

You’d think that riding a bike would be the answer to this question. After all, it is categorically the greenest way to travel every day. Nevertheless, you have to take other things into consideration. Most notably: 

  • How far do you have to travel?
  • Why are you traveling?
  • Are you traveling alone?

If you take short trips by yourself to go to work, a bike or scooter could be perfect for you. For longer trips, consider an electric motorcycle. Those of you that need to travel with children – or are doing daily chores that require storage space in your vehicle – will benefit from driving an electric car. 

You see, all of these options are good – it depends on your lifestyle.

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