The Best Unicorn Recipes & Crafts

The Best Unicorn Recipes & Crafts

Low Calorie Unicorn Sundaes – Cutefetti 

Unicorn Cake –  Love the Day

Magical Unicorn Donuts  –  Savvy Saving Couple 

Unicorn Poop Cake –  momdot

Cotton Candy Unicorn ParfaitsHomemade Hooplah 

Unicorn Notebook  Cutefetti

Iridescent Unicorn Terracotta PotsModge Podge Rocks

Unicorn Poop fluffy Slimemomdot 

Unicorn HeadbandsCreative Green Living

Unicorn Gift Bagtikkido

Washi Tape Unicornjenny at dapperhouse

Felt Floral Unicorn Headbandtikkido 

Unicorn Sillouette Washi Tape Artjenny at dapperhouse

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10 thoughts on “The Best Unicorn Recipes & Crafts

  1. I must share these unicorn recipes and crafts with my oldest and youngest children. They are in love with rainbows and unicorns as well as ponies! This is a perfect list of ideas to get them using some of their creative minds together.

  2. One of my daughters is obsessed with unicorns, I will show this to her. I know she will want to get busy making some of this right away.

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