Have you noticed that the summer can fly by and before we know it we are back to school and lessons, clubs, sports and more with very little time for activities as a family? We have to have a bucket list and schedule specific times during the summer to do things that make happy memories, build strong relationships and so we can just enjoy having fun together! Here is a bucket list that I think you should definitely do with your family during the summer.

The Best Summer Bucket List for Families  - jenny at dapperhouse

  1. Get Fresh Fruits and Veggies from a local Farmer’s Market
  2. Design and Decorate “Summer 2016” T-shirts
  3. Backyard Camping
  4. Get a new Board Game
  5. Frisbee Golf
  6. Visit local Landmarks in your town or city
  7. Play with Water Balloons
  8. Discover a new walking or hiking trail
  9. TakeĀ travel sized toiletries and proten bars to a homeless shelter
  10. Decorate your bike with streamers and go for a ride
  11. Make Ice Cream Sundaes at Home
  12. Make Boats and sail them on a nearby pond
  13. Night time flashlight tag
  14. Spend an afternoon reading at the library
  15. Do a science experiment
  16. Try a new Flavor of Ice Cream
  17. Write and send a letter or postcard to a friend
  18. Go to a shelter and play with some pets (bring some dog and cat food to donate as well)
  19. Put on a show for your family (magic trick, song, jokes)
  20. Make refreshing homemade lemonade

Here is a Free Printable VersionĀ 

Best Summer Bucket List for Families Free Printables - jenny at dapperhouse