Apparently I am the only one in the WORLD who has not seen Downton Abbey? Everyone is raging about the New Season starting and I am just finding out I have already missed the first two! This is right up my alley since I love just about every Masterpiece Theater Show, especially the mini series. I also LOVE everything in this time period and Marie Antoinette (see my Pinterest collection)  I have been so busy and don’t watch television that often so I have been missing out on something truly wonderful. If I can only figure out how to get my husbands television to entertain something other than every sport imaginable, people digging for gold and making illegal moonshine. (LOL) I REALLY want an opportunity to see this show. I have a laptop so I can see whatever I want, but the problem is that it is physically and mentally impossible for me to not multitask at all times. Most often if I want to catch up on a television show (New Girl and Duck Dynasty), or talk to family long distance I will purposely save a few loads of laundry to do while I talk. And if I do watch a movie on TV, I will be working on my blog or writing at the same time. I am just that way…I can’t waste time E-V-E-R!

So I am thinking of buying the first two seasons to watch while I am painting furniture, cleaning the house or doing DIY projects. Anytime I buy something I always use Price Grabber to compare prices since they can vary so drastically and sure enough I just found a great deal there on season 1 of Downton Abbey for $23! The other prices shown were for both seasons one and two, but I am going to start with one and see what I think before buying both. (It is much cheaper to buy them individually too).

So, are you a fan of Downton Abbey?

Have I truly been missing something wonderful?

Who is your favorite character and why?

Without a spoiler – what should I look forward to in season one?

I can’t wait to watch it and become one of the fans!

It should be in the mail in a few days!!!


A show that I DO watch is DUCK DYNASTY!
Read more about their new book!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse