Christmas trees are a holiday décor staple. Whether you prefer a traditional, elegant or whimsical décor theme, you can decorate your tree so it is the focal point of your Christmas design. Many people opt to use lifelike artificial trees so they can reuse them year after year, but you don’t always have to take your tree down as soon as Christmas is over. Here are four creative ways you can decorate your tree so you can use it all year long.

Make It a Holiday Tree

Reading Balsam Hill reviews can help you find an artificial Christmas that looks great all year long. Balsam Hill trees look and feel like real ones, and instead of packing it up every year, you can turn it into a holiday tree and leave it up all year. For all of the holidays throughout the year, you can put themed décor on the tree to match the special occasion. You can easily incorporate themes from the following holidays:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Independence Day
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving

Decorate It With Seasonal Flowers or Items

If you don’t want to redecorate your tree for every holiday throughout the year, you can festoon it with seasonal items or flowers to brighten up your home. Decorate the tree with snowflakes or position plush snowmen into the branches for a cute winter-themed tree. Drape colorful, flowered garlands over the branches during the spring to represent the new growth of the season and bring a pop of color to your favorite room. Use colorful gerbera daisies to decorate the branches during the summer and choose sunflowers or mums for the fall.

Using flowers allows you to customize the décor. Choose your favorite color or bloom for a personalized touch, and you can choose artificial flowers that look and feel realistic for an enhanced aesthetic.

Use It As Part of Your Everyday Décor

If you want to leave your tree up all year but the thought of redecorating it throughout the year is unappealing, you can turn your tree into part of your everyday décor. This is especially cute if you like a rustic or woodsy theme. Find ornaments that match your theme and use them to decorate the tree. In some cases, you may want to leave the tree completely natural with just a few white lights.

This option works depending upon the type of tree you have and your everyday theme. If you have a modern color and décor scheme, a white or colored tree makes a wonderful accent piece. However, a traditional green tree works well for traditional and rustic design schemes.

Showcase Your Collections

If you collect certain items, turning your tree into a display is a great way to showcase them. Whether you are a coin fanatic, an owl enthusiast or a bear lover, you can turn your favorite figurines or items into ornaments easily and display them on your tree. Position stuffed animals in the branches for a fun, whimsical look or make a travel tree by turning souvenirs from all of your vacations into ornaments. The opportunities are endless.

If you love your Christmas tree too much to pack it up right after the holiday, you can choose to leave it up all year and turn it into part of your everyday décor. Whether you use flowers, items you have collected or pieces from your everyday décor scheme, you can find creative ways to decorate your tree. There are endless opportunities for decorating your tree so you can leave it out year-round, so just decide what direction you want to go in and avoid the hassle of packing up and storing your Christmas tree by making it part of your daily décor.