The most important yet time consuming art in grooming and styling is to straightening thick hair. It takes approximately 90 minutes to only style and straightens the hair. Especially if you have thick tresses, it requires a lot of effort and patience to detangle the curls and straighten them. You have to go through minor details from roots to tips, and from front to back, to finally achieve that desired look that makes you look chic. Some girls even choose to thin out their naturally thick hair to attain the desired sleek hair look. However what we females usually ignore to get that stylish look of perfect straight hair, is the health of the hair itself. Using hot iron tools to flatten that beautiful hair negatively affect the hair life.

Why Flatirons Are Harmful

Our hair structure is delicate with two main layers, and sub divided into three, the cortex, the cuticle and the medulla. A healthy hair strand has a uniform structure from root to tip, with water and air filled medulla, which is hollow, and a smooth cuticle. The light naturally passes through this hollow and gives it a kind of glow. An external shine is there because of smooth cuticle. The excessive heat damages both of these layers present in our hair. Steam of flat irons cracks the walls of medulla, disrupting the flow of light. That results in hair damage.

Hot irons emit harmful ions that weaken the hair structure. The heat damages the hair and absorbs the moist out of them making them lose their liveliness and shine. The moisture present in hair is what helps the hair strand to maintain there elasticity and shine, it is as important for the beauty and health of hair as it is for skin. The heat emitting from flat irons strips off the natural moisture of hair, causing the cuticles to dry and come away. Over-applying heat to the hair cause breakage and burnt the cells, these burnt hair cells keep building on hot irons and cause them to twig to your hair, which is very dangerous. Those of us who have strong curls try over heating the iron, letting more heat to get the desired look, often forgets that it causes the hair more brittle. While thicker hair resists the breakage, we take advantage of this and tame the hair daily. This leads to mass breakage and more fizziness.

Whenever we force hair to do what they are not susceptible to adapt to, they die and fall off from the scalp. The others get so weak we have no other option but to cut it ourselves. Insistent heat and chemical damage the hair and scalp and this can eventually lead to permanent hair loss. The others get so weak we have no other option but to cut it ourselves. Damaging of the follicles, from persistent heat styling can likely be befallen in a way that cannot be recovered through procedures or even medications. 

Why you should Choose Hair Straightening Brush?

Hair straightening brush is a miracle creation in a world full of flat irons. I found this idea as an amazing piece of joy. It is the healthiest way of styling your hair naturally and the results are as safe and salon like too. Getting sleek and straight hair can be as easy as brushing your hair now. No matter how crimpled the hair, sleek strands are just a brush away.

  • Most hair straightening brush is created with ceramic plates. These plates protect the hair from daily wear and tear. Unlike aluminum and even gold plated plates, ceramic glides through the hair without tugging or pulling them, reducing the risk of breakage of hair.
  • The advanced technology in hair straightening brushes is Tourmaline ceramic plates. These plates also heat up fast and evenly, thus require fewer passes of the iron through hair. These plates are remarkably gentle and smooth and generate less damage.
  • The negative ions present in the tourmaline ceramic brush counteract with the positive ions. Contrary to the name, positive ions are present in dry and damaged hair. The straightening brush emits negative ions, making the hair smooth and shiny.
  • The tourmaline even helps to seal the moister to the hair and reverse the effect of fizziness.
  • The ceramic bristles in hair straightening brush not only protect the scalp but gives soothing massage as well.
  • Compare to flat irons, the straightening brush takes less time to straighten the stubborn hair. It is effortless and gives shiny sleek hair in no time.
  • Most hair straightening brushes comes with temperature control keys that allow one to choose and adjust the temperature as per the type of hair one has.
  • Straightening brushes saves a lot of your energy. You just have to glide the brush through your hair. It detangles, straightens and make them shiny in just one go.
  • Straightening brushes not only protects the hair but maintain their health as well. They are light weight and easy to carry.

Conclusion We all love to have perfect straight hair look, but when it comes to hair protection, most of us don’t care. We forget that our hair also needs to breath. With the ease of these best electric hair straightening brush, we not only can achieve the desired chic look but also trust the brush itself to maintain the health of hair naturally. In just one glide of the hair straightening brush, you are not even ready to go, but the hair nourished from roots to ends too. It is time saving, portable and energy saved creation.