This is a fun activity for little ones to experiment with the power of magnetic attraction. This is especially fun for a Fourth of July theme for home learning, party fun / favors, and school events to celebrate Independence Day. Easy to make and fun to play with; pipe cleaner fireworks! All you need is an empty, clear bottle with cap, strong glue, any color pipe cleaners, scissors and a magnet! Don’t wait until the 4th – make one with your child today!

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1.) Wash and dry a clear plastic bottle (keep the lid).

2.) Cut metallic pipe cleaners into small strips of various lengths and put inside the bottle. You can use any type of pipe cleaners that you like, but these metallic ones look cool and reflect the light for a good effect!

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3.) Put some strong glue on the rings of the mouth of the bottle and attach the cap to avoid choking and also to keep your project intact from little pranksters.

4.) Once dry and secure, give your little one a magnet (I got mine at a teaching supply store) and the bottle so they can make fireworks of their own.

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TIP: You can get a big chunk of pipe cleaners that look most like a firework by tipping the bottle on its side, and while holding the magnet under them, return the bottle right side up. Then you tip the bottle the other way to get the pipe cleaners to hang down, and resume right side up. FUN no matter how you do it!
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