Dating is a serious time and energy investment. When you develop feelings for someone, it’s natural to want to learn as much as you can about them, including their background, interests, and personality. When this occurs, a deep connection is formed, which, if the relationship doesn’t work out, can be devastating. This is where casual dating, or a “sex buddy” as some people prefer to call them, comes into play.

You want to date, but you don’t want to make any long-term commitments because you’re either fresh out of a relationship or sick of being disappointed by potential suitors. That’s totally fine! These days, it’s totally acceptable to date without feeling an immediate need to commit to the other person, even if your motivation for the relationship is purely sexual. Are you unsure whether or not what you’re doing is the right thing? Check out some of the potential benefits of casual dating before making any firm plans with a potential partner.

You enjoy flirting with others. A lot of people get a kick out of the fact that they can flirt with complete strangers on free dating sites, have a good time doing it, and then move on without ever having to talk to that person again if they don’t want to.

You have children. It can be challenging to start a new romantic relationship after a marriage has ended in divorce or separation because it is only natural to want to protect your children from anything new until you are certain. Between meeting your divorce attorney and tending to the children, you don’t have time for a committed relationship! It’s possible that you’re looking for someone to have some fun with, but you’re not quite ready to introduce your kids to them just yet. That’s also fine!

You enjoy being single. There are some people who simply do not function well in romantic relationships, and it’s not always because of issues with commitment. Dating without the pressure of a long-term commitment can be a good option for those who aren’t quite ready to deal with the emotional drain of caring for someone else besides themselves.

You need intimacy. People who have been on their own for a while and would like to relieve some sexual tension with a night of great sex frequently choose to go on dates without the commitment. After enjoying a delicious meal together, you bring a happy close to the evening without being concerned about who is calling who.

It’s not worth risking a friendship over. The question of whether or not to label a perfectly healthy friendship as a romantic partnership is one that has been debated for what seems like an eternity. No one loses and everyone wins if you and your partner enjoy each other’s company, have satisfying sexual encounters, and are content with your current arrangement.

You’re getting over something bad. If you’ve been through a traumatic experience, like being in an abusive relationship or having your sexuality violated, you may be looking for risk-free ways to experience intimacy.

These are just a few examples of why you might not want a long-term commitment, but there’s nothing wrong with that! Don’t beat yourself up for not taking dating seriously, and have fun going out on dates and meeting new people.

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