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If you are like most of us there is never enough time for everything that we have to do. There is even less time to do the things we want to do! Finding ways to hack life and make things easier can save you lots of time. The more time you save everyday, the more productive you will be and the more time you will make to have fun!! Not only that but you will reduce your stress, be more reliable and have more time to eat healthy, work out and spend time with your family too! Here are some easy ways to use lifehacks to save time everyday.


1.) Write down your usernames and passwords. Most of us use the computer or internet regularly throughout the day. When you are logging on to something you are wanting to get on immediately. Typing in incorrect usernames and forgotten passwords is a huge waste of time. If you end up having to do a password recovery and verification ordeal, that is going to waste a ton of your time (and frustrate you as well). It is so simple to keep track of your log in information each time you create a new account. This way it will take a few seconds to reference your notes and you will be logged on in seconds. Try the Login Locker or the Password Book for a place that is designed to store your personal log in and password information.

2.) Always set your wallet, purse and keys in the same place. This seems very obvious and simple right? But there are still many of you out there who are running around and cursing while trying to figure out where you left what you need. Checking pockets, lifting things up and setting them down, heart racing and temper rising… you can avoid all of this nonsense and live longer just by creating a space to set your stuff. It can be a bowl on a table or a basket under the table, wherever you can find a spot. You can even do something as simple as using the top of your fridge or a drawer in your bathroom. The point is that you have to train yourself to put your things there right when you walk in the house before you do anything else. Make a promise to yourself that you will use this easy trick and find how much time you will save over a month or a year or a lifetime. Feel how proud you will be when you are calm, cool and on time everywhere you go.


3.) Fill up with gas when you hit 1/4 tank. Never let your car go less than 1/4 of a tank because one of the worst way to waste time when you are in a hurry is to run out of gas. Have you ever been dressed nice to go to an event and your gaslight comes on? Not only are you running behind but now you have to get out of your car in whatever the weather and pump your smelly gas. There have been many times when I have been in a bank line, or in a rush to the grocery store or trying to get to pick up a child on time when the gas light comes on and makes me late. Now that I keep the car filled up at a quarter of a tank, I am calm about finding the best time to fit in getting gas and never lose time when I am in a hurry.

4.) Be creative with multi-tasking. If you have a favorite tv show or movie that you don’t want to miss? Try working out at the same time with hand weights and core exercises. If you need to relax and sit down during your show then folding laundry, going through mail or working on some other project on your “to do” list is a perfect way to make the best use of your time. If you love to read, get audio books and listen to them while you are doing necessary tasks like cleaning, commuting or getting ready for bed.


5.) Have some outfits already put together in your closet. Include jewelry, socks, shoes… and on days when you are racing around, you can pull one out and be dressed in in a flash. Use pant hangers to hold bags with socks, jewelry, scarf, handkerchief and anything else that you need for your outfit. Having one outfit that you would wear on a night out, one for work and one to wear to a semi-casual gathering should keep you safe and prepared for any situation. You will save a ton of time racing around trying to match things and pulling something together when you are stressed and running late. This can be a serious time saver because when you are setting this up ahead of time, you will be calm and cool but you can also do it while you are multitasking (from the tip before)!


Not only do all these tricks save you time, but they keep your stress levels way down and let you enjoy your day. No more cursing yourself for being forgetful. No more heart racing and anxiety over being late (again). You will be prepared and calm and proud just by planning ahead and actively using these life hacking tricks in your daily life.


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