The Academy of Art University is an art school in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 1929 and now claims to hold the title as largest arts school in the United States. The campus is located on New Montgomery Street. The current president of the school is Elisa Stephens.

The school knows the importance of art in the world, and it provides a place for people to explore their artistic side. There are plenty of schools all over the United States that will teach students math, engineering, and other typical skills and trades, but there are only a handful of good art schools in the country. In a world where the liberal arts are considered a thing of the past, The Academy of Art University still puts great emphasis on the arts.

Arts Are Still Important to Modern Society

A lot of people already know this, but life often imitates art. Many of history’s greatest inventions and creations were first thought of in some for of art. Whether it is literature, painting, sculpture, or television, many of today’s greatest inventions would not be a reality, if first, they weren’t created in works of fiction. Things such as the airplane and hot air balloon were first depicted in paintings and literature before they were even considered to be a reality.

Another positive aspect of the liberal arts is that they inspire creativity. An engineer who is stuck on a problem could benefit from either viewing or painting a piece of art. They may draw inspiration from a certain piece of art and find the solution to a long-standing problem.

Despite the world being more culturally connected than ever before, the world isn’t sharing its culture with each other on any significant scale. Sure, American movies are viewed all over the world, and a few other countries, like Japan, have managed to push their culture across borders, but for the most part the internet has not been used to spread culture. With the ease and opportunity there and ready to be made use of, the world of the liberal arts should be booming, but it’s not.

The Academy of Art University, since its inception, has been working to move the liberal arts further. In 1946, the school began working on cartooning, fashion, advertising, and commercial art. Now, the school participates in New York Fashion Week every year, allowing their talented students to showcase original designs. The Academy knows that people, using their art, can make a real change in the world because they are seeing it everyday. The school is working on teaching people how to use their art in ways that have purpose, such as advertising and clothing design.

Students at the Academy of Art once teamed up with Adobe and Marvel to create a one of a kind edition of The Avengers. The comic was entirely illustrated by students and was on display at the 2015 Comic-Con in San Francisco. One of the students at the school, Alexandria Huntington, joined Marvel employees at a panel at Comic-Con. In addition to Hamilton drawing Black Widow, other students at the Academy worked on Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man.