Today I am sharing apple books and tomorrow you can get a full color, free printable apple learning activity pack. If you are homeschooling, a teacher, or want to give your child a fun learning theme then these are great resources for you!

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These are books that teachers have used in their apple study themes over the years. You can purchase the book in paperback or instantly download to kindle. I know your kids will love them!

Ages 4 – 8. Apples for Everyone is a new picture book in the Picture the Seasons series that the whole family can enjoy. This attractive and educational companion to the best-selling titles A Tree for All Seasons.

All about apples, from pollination to picking and eating. Ages 3 – 6.

Ages 3 – 5. A child says thank you for the gifts nature provides, from hazelnuts to apples from the tree, eggs from the hens to milk from the cow. Eventually, the family has enough ingredients to make a delicious apple cake!

As the bunnies fill their baskets, Farmer Miller teaches them all about apples. This charming story is filled with fun facts, activities, and an applesauce recipe. Ages 2 – 5.

This little child’s board book teaches toddlers all about how apples grow—from seed to sapling to tree to applesauce.

Ages 4 – 8. This long time classic, loveable character loves everything apples and fall.

Everyone of every age loves Curious George. In this story he learns how apple cider is made. Young readers are sure to enjoy the “order of sequence” game and special apple snack recipe that are included in the back of the book. Ages 4 – 7.

Ages 4 – 8. Maria and her family visit an apple orchard and pick apples. Then it’s time to turn the apples into applesauce!

A famous author and classic story of barnyard animals eating and enjoying apples from the tree ans the book helps us count. Ages 2 – 5.

Before your family goes apple picking, learn about harvesting apples in this fun book for ages 4 – 8.

Geared for little ones ages 4 – 8 this is a clear and appealing environmental science book (32 pages) for early elementary age kids, both at home and in the classroom.

#1 best selling books list! Pinkalicious and the Pinkertons are all excited when they return from their trip to the orchard with lots of Pink Lady apples to munch on! After realizing they have more apples than the family could possibly use, Pinkalicious finds ways to share the apples with others. Ages 4 – 8.

An important book for your child’s science center for exploring all things apples. This book details the lifecycle of apples. Ages 4 – 6.

Ages 4 – 8. First, the apple trees need to be about six years old―just like Sophie. Next, they need to be pruned, and the bees have to pollinate their blossoms! After that, the tiny apples grow through the summer until they’re ready to pick in the fall. Finally, it’s time for Sophie to make the perfect pie!

This book for ages 4 – 7 is about a young Muslim immigrant Farah. She is so shy, but helps her class make apple cider. This helps her connect with the other students and she begins to feel that she belongs.

I hope that you and your kids enjoy these outstanding books about apples (and more!).

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