BLUE – What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Colors are connected to our moods. They can impact our feelings and change the energy with their color and connotations. Did you know that colors have meanings and associations that give insight into your personality? If BLUE is your favorite color then this article is all about you.

Traditionally, we associate BLUE with little boys but it has now evolved to be a gender neutral color and is the most favorite color over all others for both men and women. Blue is represented in politics. Just look at the blue stripes on our flag that stand for vigilance, valor and justice. It is represented in government when you see that many of the military and police uniforms are traditionally blue to represent loyalty, bravery and respect. It is represented in business in many logos and in “power suits” that demand respect in a board room.   

In nature blue is everywhere. It is the sky and the sea. Blue is calm and peace. It is cool and soothing. The impact of the color blue on the human body can be lower body temperature and a lower pulse rate. It can possibly act as an appetite suppression as well. If you want peaceful surroundings where you feel grounded and have mental clarity, fill your space with the color blue. Some color experts say that if you are depressed or “feeling blue” to not incorporate blue in your surroundings, but others disagree and believe that it is relaxing rather than depressing. The color blue has two contradictory sides when it comes to attributes. Of the characteristics below, which do you identify with when you think of the color blue?

  • Confidence or Suspicion
  • Trustworthy or Unreliable
  • Sophisticated or Aloof
  • Sincerity or Self-centeredness
  • Importance or Timidity
  • Soothing or Cold
  • Serenity or Stubbornness
  • Mental Clarity or Depression
  • Casual Denim or a Power Suit

If your favorite color is blue you are in touch with your masculine side but more than that, you have the possibility to be a range of personalities and qualities from loyal and stable to serene and sensitive. Either way if your favorite color is blue you are spiritually intelligent or intuitive, trustworthy, brave, dependable and calm.

Plus you can never go wrong with deep oceans, big blue skies and blue butterflies.

Do you have any qualities to add that you think are related to the color blue? Please share your opinions with fellow blue lovers below in the comments.

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