When my husband and I got Married 
we were trying to save money wherever we could. 
We agreed that Platinum Wedding Bands would be the best choice 
for us at the time, with my husband promising to buy me a 
diamond on a future anniversary. 
We had a gorgeous ceremony. 
It was small with only family and friends held at a 
beautiful golf course in the Arizona desert at sunset. 
We were at the alter with a pastor that we loved
 listening to him speak to us as we were becoming husband and wife. 
When it was time to exchange rings, my husband surprised me 
right there at the alter 
with a gorgeous solitaire diamond wedding ring!
 I was in shock! 
The smile on my husbands face shined as bright as the ring. 
He was pleased with himself and I was enamored. 
Years later we moved to Chicago.
 It was during a snowy winter that I woke one morning 
to find that my ring was gone! 
I still had the original platinum band, but the diamond ring had vanished.
I did not take the news well. 
(nor did my husband)
The whole next year we continuously searched 
the house, car, gloves, pockets, vacuum and more 
until we both resigned ourselves to the fact that it was really lost. 
I still look for it to this day. 
But as our 11th Anniversary approaches, 
we have decided that I have to get a new diamond ring. 
Being a bargain hunter and an online shopper, 
I have been looking at companies that I trust to purchase a ring. 
One company I found comes highly recommended 
and has so many beautiful pieces. 
A BIG advantage to using this site is that it lets you 
design and customize your jewelry 
in an easy and organized way 
so that you get 
exactly what you have in mind!
On Anjolee anyone can be an artful designer of custom jewelry!
You have to check out how FUN this is to quickly customize 
your own unique bracelet with your choice of 
metals, stones, weight, sizes and more. 
I love creating different looks, adding gem stones for my 
children’s birth-dates, 
and making a beautiful vintage designs that I can cherish
 and eventually hand down to my daughter. 
Maybe diamond necklaces interest you more? 
How meaningful that you can personally design one to give as a 
high school or college graduation present, a birthday 
or other special occasion. 
And it is FUN!
The site is easy to use and instantly quotes you a price. 
There are no hidden charges; even shipping is FREE, 
and you have a 30 day money back guarantee. 
 I love the pendants on Anjolee
because they are a perfect piece of jewelry to 
represent personality and convey meaning. 
Being able to pick your stones, metal, shape, quality, size, color, price and more
in only 4 easy steps makes it easy to design something special. 
I appreciate that I can trust Anjolee to guarantee their quality and service. 
My husband and I are working on designing a ring for me and we are 
excited to use a site as genuine as Anjolee. 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse