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My teeth were not badly stained, 
but I did have some yellowing, especially around my gum line. 
I do drink coffee everyday so I have to use whitening toothpaste everyday. 
I also drink Diet Coke & Red Wine now and then, so 
every two months I need to use Whitening Strips as part of
my beauty regime. 
I also use them as a quick refresher for special occasions! 

(you can see they are almost the same hue as my yellow wall) 

When I had the Fantastic opportunity to review 
this dental grade whitening system from the certified dental lab 
I was very excited to try something new and professional
that is Rated 4.9/5 based on 48 customer reviews!

With Smile Brilliant you may see a difference in the color of your teeth 
in one session, but they recommend that you use as directed 
everyday for 5 – 7 days for dramatic results. 
When you use Smile Brilliant  home teeth whitening 
for the very first time to whiten stained and 
discolored teeth, it is best to use for a total of 12 days to get your teeth 
to their whitest and brightest!

So, with my teeth being white already, 
I figured I would need to use it for a full 7 days.
The first day I used the system for 40 minutes and I did 
notice the yellow tint at my gum line was almost gone, 
but you can still see a trace of it in this picture.
They are clearly whiter than the “before” picture!
This is how it works:
1. I made sure that my teeth were clean and dry.
2. I used the brush to apply the whitening gel to my teeth
3. I slipped in the plastic barrier
4. I turned on the UV light and put it in my mouth and waited for 40 minutes!
My personal recommendation is to lie down on your back 
for the duration of the whitening session because the 
saliva naturally pooled around my bottom teeth and washed away the gel. 
I had to reapply on the bottom teeth, then lie down so I could 
swallow saliva rather than swallow the whitening gel. 

Here is my brilliant white smile AFTER only 5 days!

Big Difference!! 


You have the opportunity to win this kit
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