It’s interesting that we always need some time to adjust to our new place before we can start calling it our home. Even when everything is in place and all the boxes are unpacked, we need that sense of familiarity and comfort to truly feel at home. While sometimes this feeling of newness and sterility can last for months, there are things you can do to make your house feel like home faster. Take a look at these tricks and adopt them today. 

Start with softness

In your new house, you might have brand new sofas and armchairs, but new materials are often quite scratchy, depending on the material. You won’t feel comfortable lounging on your furniture until you buy some super soft throws and pillows that will turn your couch into your fave place to nap. And it’s easy to find any kind of throw for very cheap, and if you suffer from stress and anxiety, you can even look into weighted blankets. Finish the look with a pair or two of cozy pillows and your brand new sofa will feel completely comfy and warm. 

Spruce up your windows

New houses often come with generic Venetian blinds and boring curtains, so change that feature as soon as you can to add some character and color to your house. Dress your windows so that they show off your personal style and preferences. You can grab interesting curtains to improve your home’s charisma (and control temperature) or go for rustic privacy screens if you want something more unique. 

Put up unique art

No matter how much you love your new house, it will never feel like home if you don’t personalize it, and the easiest way to do so is to reach for some interesting art. Mounting something on your wall—paintings, photos, graphics, fabric—will instantly boost any room’s personality. If you have a more unique personality and taste than simple paintings, you can always darken things up and look for unique skulls at to mount on your walls. These hand-carved skulls will add a sense of drama, mystery and that tribal charm to your home and certainly serve as great conversation starters. 

Make room for your hobbies

No matter what you’re into, playing the guitar, collecting figurines or solving puzzles, make sure to designate a place to display your hobby. A separate place dedicated to your interest will make it easier to enjoy your interests and it will give your visitors a glimpse into your personality. 

Fill it with inviting smells

Humans heavily rely on smells and familiar smells can instantly make us feel relaxed, happy and comfortable. Unfortunately, new homes all smell like paint and new furniture—not very inviting. Change that by making your property smell nice with air fresheners and scented candles. The best way to fill your house with inviting smells is to put some baked goods in the oven and you’ll even have a tasty snack and a treat for all senses.  

Green up your space

A great way to improve air quality, add color and liven up the space is to welcome a few houseplants into your life. Every room in our house deserves a plant resident. Besides cleaning out the air and making your house look more beautiful, plants also improve mood and lower stress and anxiety levels, so they are an absolute must for every home. 

Upgrade your bathroom

If you’re not opposed to a bigger upgrade to your house, tackle the bathroom. Nothing will make you feel at home like a lux steam shower or a whirlpool bath, so install these new commodities and your bathroom will become your favorite room for relaxation in your home. 

A house is not only a shelter from the elements. If you introduce your personal style into your house design and fill it with familiar smells and comfort items, your house will become your safe haven, your personal paradise and your favorite place in the world where you can be your authentic self—it will become a home! 

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