Whether you’re a renter or a fully-fledged homeowner, maintaining your property and looking after your possessions is always time well-spent. The more you look after things today, the less you’ll have to worry about expensive repairs and replacements tomorrow.

Getting into the habit of checking your home’s exterior, as well as your appliances, electrical, heating, plumbing, and even your car, means more time enjoying life and less time worrying about emergency repairs and the state of your home. Many individuals are put off at the idea of undertaking home maintenance due to all the effort that comes with it, however, most tasks can be completed within a couple of hours.

Let’s explore some simple home maintenance projects you can complete this weekend.

Your Dryer Vent

The dryer in your home is an essential appliance. Many households would struggle without one, and have it running at least 3 times a day. But, when was the last time you cleaned the vent? The cleaner your dryer vent, the better your appliance will perform and when you take some time to clean out the dryer vent, you’ll also be reducing the risk of accidental fire, enjoy lower energy bills and experience shorter drying times. You should be cleaning your dryer vent at least once a year, but if it’s been a while, complete this task this weekend for peace of mind.

Check Your Roof

Bad weather, poor craftsmanship, time and general wear and tear – there are lots of reasons why your roof tiles or shingles are damaged, which is why it’s important that you get into the habit of checking your roof for damage at least once a month. When roofs go unchecked, it can create leaks, invite pests into your home and you’ll lose valuable heat from your property as a result. If you’re unsure, call in the experts for advice.

Inspect Your Kitchen Hood Filter

You might not give much thought to the hood over your cooker, but the filter that is trapping all that grease and dirt plays an essential part in keeping your home clean and safe. Inspect your kitchen hood and replace the filters to ensure efficiency and to reduce the amount of grease gathering in and around your cooker.

Clean Your Fridge

When was the last time you cleaned your refrigerators? We’re all in the habit of overstuffing the shelves and forcing the door shut, or promising to clean up the spilt milk in the bottom of the tray. Unfortunately, your dirty and poorly maintained refrigerator is a breeding ground for bacteria and needs to be cleaned this weekend to keep those germs at bay and to ensure your food is kept fresh. If you’re struggling with a lack of space, research some fridge storage solutions to get organized.

And Finally, Look After Your Garden

This weekend, dedicate some time to your outdoor space and make it look neat and tidy. Power wash your patio, decking, driveway and paths, mow the lawn, dig out the weeds and maintain the flowers you do have. You’ll love the finished look.