My oldest son is going into his senior year of high school.
My younger son is going into 4th grade.
Both of my boys really like science.
They love learning about how things work and of course
they love doing the hands on experiments!
My younger son hasn’t been able to do any “real” science experiments in school with professional lab equipment yet so we do
some pretty cool science at home.
He listens wide eyed to his older brother talk about high school chemistry class where they use beakers, and pipettes, and burners to create concoctions
of chemicals that change colors, change forms and sometimes explode!
My little one wants a real science lab at school to do important experiments,
but he will have to wait a few years for that.
In the mean time I have looked online at websites and found him a
microscope and slides, safety goggles, vials and specimen jars.
Here are lots of cool science kits that your child will love as much as mine do!
I like to do projects and activities at home that directly correlate with the units and subjects he is learning at school.
This gives children a broader understanding of knowledge as well as
instills the love of lifelong learning when they can have fun learning at home.
This year again we will have big brother to help us, give us some great ideas,
and keep us from blowing up the kitchen!
Need something fun to do with your child or family?
Do some science.