I am really excited about finding a new and groundbreaking service using technology to create an internet portal for saving and sharing priceless memories! It is taking social media sharing for families to a whole new level. I will explain. . . Many families keep in touch through facebook with pictures and captions and posts. This is essential to keeping up with daily lives and milestones especially for me when I live in Chicago and everyone else in my family is in Arizona! I get to watch my nieces and nephews grow up, see what my daughter is up to in her new adult life and stay close to sisters, mom, brothers….but where is dad? Dad does not use the internet and certainly will never have a facebook account. The thing for me is that my father is an amazing story teller. Even if he is talking about a regular event that happened during his day he makes it interesting to listen too. It is a true gift. My dad has so many incredible stories to tell from when he was growing up on dairy farms, living as a cowboy visiting the Indian reservations and running cattle drives, to being a Harley Davidson Rider and taking trips to Sturgis and other big motorcycle rallies. Then there are all the stories he has from recently working in a Hawaiian gang prison and all the touching stories of the prisoners (Real People) he met and helped through his therapy sessions and individual support of these men to make better lives for themselves. I also love the stories that he tells me about my relatives that I never was able to remember or meet.

When I found out about this service called SavingMemoriesForever.com  I was happy enough to cry!! Because my brother and sisters and I talk about wanting to get dad’s stories saved somehow and THIS IS HOW we can get it done efficiently! I am so so excited and relieved to have this service because I am going to visit him this month and I will record everything I can from him. The cowboy poetry he has written the stories that he still remembers, and it will be in HIS voice so that we can listen to HIM tell his stories forever in a lasting audio legacy. (I am choked up right now because I cant wait to see him and record his precious voice. None of us can tell his stories like he does.)

I will be visiting brother’s, sister’s, mom and more. I want all of them to contribute to the stories of my father with memories about them that they cherish.

I would love for my family members to have this service because as I was explaining before, we primarily use text and facebook to stay connected but with Saving Memories Forever I could receive recordings of my nephew singing songs and talking about his pre-school life, and my niece saying her first words. I could get detailed accounts from my brother and sister-in-law about what my other nephews are up to instead of a shortened and quick facebook post version.
I have children and I am buying them each the premium membership for their phones so that my daughter in another state can leave me recordings about growing up and starting new adventures. So that my son who is going off to college in a few  months can tell us about his new campus and the new friends he makes while away. My little guy would love (and I mean LOVE) to record stories every day, so I just added him to my account so that he can record from my phone.

Can you tell that I am so excited about this new idea and service?

I have already recorded a few things from my phone and it is just so easy. One if the great features of this service is that on the app there are prompts for all sorts of ideas for getting someone motivated to tell a story. There are prompts such as “jokes”, “How has your life changed” , “describe your childhood home”, and “what would you want your children to know”. The prompts are organized into sections to make it easy to find when you want to record and play back. And speaking of playback, the sound quality is SO GOOD! I did not even hear the background noise of the TV in the other room when I did one.

We think that we are pretty funny in our family, so it will be cool to record funny stories for each other about things that  happen during our day. I will LOVE hearing it in my family member’s actual voices! This service is in no way meant to replace texting, but rather to give us the opportunity to elaborate and give more depth to those stores that may only be a few short sentences on twitter or facebook for example.

If you are sentimental and nostalgic like I am then I hope that you don’t procrastinate
but that you get going using your app today for only $3.99 for Premium Service.
It takes everyday sharing and preserving memories to a whole new level!

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*my opinions on this post and this blog are my own and may differ from yours. I hope that you enjoy the reviews and information that I provide here. I provide honesty fr my readers and am not paid or obligated to provide positive reviews for any company. I do not participate in projects where I do not believe in the product or where I can not write an honest review. I was able to get this service to review for free and I LOVE IT! 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse