I like the company called Wearever because they have real solutions for dealing with incontinence while maintaining dignity for our aging parents. Their biggest sellers are their underwear because they look and feel like everyday underwear with a discreet built in pad to absorb wetness. The reason I like these underwear is because it saves us money and saves our environment! How? Well, you wont be buying disposable adult diapers anymore giving you money and freeing the landfills. Washable garments can save as much as $475 in disposables over one year. You can wash your Wearever Underwear up to 200 times because they are so durable. You wont have to be embarrassed about buying big packs of Adult Diapers and you can feel more comfortable. Just order online and have them delivered to your home! This company makes other products and solutions for taking care aging adults such as swim diapers, diabetic socks, bedding and bibs.

Wearever - Incontinence Underwear That Fits Your Lifestyle

I was able to get a Quilted Plaid Incontinence Pad to review. I think that these are great to have because they look like a nice throw (80% Cotton Fabric) which  makes them non-intimidating to aging adults. This “throw” can be tossed on the couch or into an easy chair . . .


It can be used in the car under a parent who will be sitting for a bit of time with a chance of an accident.



It has a waterproof backing and 20% Unique-Dri™ inner core. It can be washed and dried and is extremely durable.

I tested it with 3 quarts of water poured into the center of the pad.


Not only was it dry underneath and still could have held much more!


It measures 34 X 36 inches. It is not just for aging parents but PERFECT for little children who still have accidents or leaks too! This pad is even good to put under a child’s car seat to absorb spills. If your child is not feeling well and having medication or a drink on the bed or couch, put this under them as well. Use for pets, for babies that spit up while on tummy time and more! And of course it is perfect for putting in an adult’s or child’s bed!

There are literally tons of uses for this pad.


It is only $17.99 on their site.

You should check out their website for great prices and amazing products. The underwear is such an important dignity preservation for aging adults and worth buying for your relative. Look at how nice and normal they look! There are many styles and colors to choose from so anyone can feel comfortable.

mens-classic-incontinence-briefs-by-wearever womens-lovely-lace-trim-incontinence-panties-by-wearever

* I received the Quilted Incontinence Pad for free to review. My opinions of this site and products are mine, honest and may differ from yours. Thanks!