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Rich and creamy popsicles are just another reason to LOVE summer time! Cooling off in the warm sun with a refreshing, gourmet frozen pop makes any day perfect. Here are recipes from some of my favorite bloggers where you can be inspired to make your own creamy and delicious gourmet popsicles.

Rich & Creamy Gourmet Popsicle Recipes - jenny at dapperhouse

Homemade Fudgesicles

Fat Free Low Sugar Strawberry Yogurt Pops

Chocolate Pudding Pie Pops


Banana Cream Pie Pops

Thai Iced Tea Popsicles 

Yogurt Popsicles


Strawberry Coconut Milk Pops

Peanut Butter Cereal Popsicles


Nutella Pudding Pops 

Oreo Cookie Pops


Coconut Mocha Popsicles

Peach Pie Popsicles


Which flavors are you excited to make?

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