I have written about my quest to find ways to eliminate my issues of stress and fatigue. I had found a great deal of information on magnesium that was very helpful, but it seemed to me that my diet was already rich with foods high in this nutrient. With more research I have found that a cellular balance of both magnesium AND calcium are critical to stress as well. Nerve connections, muscle contraction and even heart beat are influenced by these two chemicals working together. Magnesium at the cellular level, acts as an inhibitor of sorts to de-stress the nervous system and relax muscles. Calcium causes stimulation in these same areas; causing nerves to excite and muscles to contracts. The balance of these functions with the correct balance of nutrients is critical to balanced physical health and mental function. When the magnesium levels in the cell are low and the calcium levels are high this puts our bodies in a chemically stressed induced state. Adrenaline is activated and therefore the  “fight or flight” response to a true stress situation is over-exaggerated.

I decided to try a supplement for both so that they are absorbed properly and simultaneously in the right amount. At the same site that I found my liquid vitamin supplements I found an award winning solution called Natural Calm. This one is also mixed in water for maximum absorption. Again, the company sent me a free sample of this product to use and review. I was very curious to know if it would have any impact on my benign tremors.


I have been mixing a little over 1 teaspoon of the powder in 8 ounces of cold water and shaking it in my water bottle. I have the raspberry lemon flavor and it tastes like a delicious fizzy lemon water. I have heard that some people don’t like the taste but I really do. If you mix it with a bit of juice or tea it also taste great. I then mix it with extra water and a splash of juice. I do not drink it all at once. I sip it over an hour or two while working. Unfortunately it has not reduced my tremors, but this claim was never made so no worries. I do honestly feel a difference on my overall mood. I don’t feel a medicated calm, but I feel able to deal with stressors without getting “worked up” or feeling physical anxiety that I would have had. I am more focused in some ways or clear headed. I don’t get frustrated and easily and have found that I am able to enjoy situations more often even when they are not optimal. It helps that I see the glass Half Full and view stressful situations as life learning experiences. But using Natural Calm keeps the anxiety at bay.


I really hope that you are able to try this for yourself. If you have any of the following symptoms you can ask your doctor and find that this product will help you feel healthier! Eliminate Low energy – Fatigue – Inability to sleep – Body tension – Headaches – Muscle tension – Backaches – Anxiety – Nervousness – Irritability and  PMS.