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Potty Training can be daunting, time consuming, frustrating, discouraging, painstaking and dirty. Potty training is not a perfect science and your job as a parent is to find out what works for your particular child. With so many variables at play (such as different combinations of maturity, temperament, desire to please, sensitivity to feeling wet) just to name a few it is important to have an arsenal of knowledge to back up your process of potty training. After potty training (successfully) my own three children and countless other child care children I dare to call myself an expert. All I know is that each child is different and you have to be patient. Time can make all the difference in the world and so can the right bribery.  I hope that you find some useful information, advice and techniques to take some of the pain out of your potty training experience.

REAL ADVICE for taking the pain out of POTTY TRAINING - jenny at dapperhouse #PottyTraining

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What is your best potty training advice for parents and care givers looking for advice to make it easier on everyone?