This is step two in the multi media art lesson and craft activity themed for St. Patrick’s Day. You can find the finished project and all the steps here. This is a fun way to spend quality time with your child each day and have a masterpiece to show for it! For Step 2 you will need an assortment of markers, crayons and/or colored pencils. You will need a piece of heavy weight white paper (like poster board).

First you or your child will need to trace a rainbow onto the paper. Make sure to leave room for the shamrock from Step 1 and a pot of gold in Step 3.

st patricks day multimedia childrens art lesson and activity image 1 @dapperhouse

Second talk with your child about the color order of the rainbow. You can look up many great versions of a color wheel online in google images. Have your child find the colors of the rainbow in his/her crayons and markers.


Third have your child use careful movements to stay in the lines when applying each color. This help develop fine motor control needed for writing. You can also assist your child with their grip.

Fourth have your child add the sky.

Art lessons rainbow order colors fine motor skills and multi media @dapperhouse

Set this aside for Step 3.