Today I was entertaining some neighbor children 
and we needed a quick craft that would
be easy enough for many ages
and that we could do with 
what we had on hand.
Paper lunch sacks are always a solution so I started there. 
I gathered the paper where we would later tie a string.
and had them create a jack-o-lantern
face below that “line”. 
We colored above the line brown for the stem.
Then we opened the sacks and stuffed them 
with paper from the recycle bin.
We tied them with a string to represent the 
leaves and vines…
and we had ourselves some pumpkins!

Here is another version done with paint if you have more time. 
And other variations would be to make different faces
like ghosts, or monsters…or you could put all of the 
jack-o-lanterns together to make 
a pumpkin patch!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse