My 9 year old son had some special experiences 
this summer. His aunt got married in Hawaii so he and Dad got to 
go there for a week to participate in all the festivities. 
He saw island traditions, not just the tourist traps.

He stayed with his new uncle’s family who are natives. 
He had traditional food, which he said is rice with everything. 
He said that even the markets have rolls to buy for a 
snack or lunch that consist of a block of rice with a 
slice of SPAM (musubi)

like SPAM Sushi!

And lots of eggs, fish and pineapple. 
He met a relative who was a professional fire dancer. 
He lights the sticks with fire from his mouth and puts on a very 
impressive and dangerous show. 

The cool part is, this professional fire dancer is only 13 years old! 
He is coming to the mainland for a competition on California soon.
My son loves aquariums and we have been to many. 
In Hawaii he was able to go snorkeling and see fish in their 
natural environment. It is a whole different experience 
to be on the other side of the glass swimming 
WITH the oceanic wildlife! 
He was able to see giant sea turtles come near the shore 
to feast on seaweed, then lumber up the beach 
to nap pin the sun.

He was able to participate in a beautiful wedding on the 
beach and best part of the trip, he gained a new cousin and 
uncle who he LOVES!

Here are some of the souvenirs he brought back.

A genuine ukulele. 

He had one that broke so he 
has wanted one for about 4 months now!

(I love the sound they make)

A wooden frog that when you stroke the back with the stick 

it sounds like a frog croaking!

A tiki cup.

And 2 real handmadeLEIS from the wedding.

This one is for the males made of tea leaves and kukui nuts.

This one is for the women each flower hand threaded 
with beads in between.

He brought one for his Mommy!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse