I am having the dreaded garage sale tomorrow and I still have way too much to do…but I had to take a break from using the pricing gun to doing something creative. I have a few little girls that I am quite fond of from my childcare days, so I thought that I would make them some cookies!!

I started with basic sugar cookie dough and used a cookie cutter to make butterflies (cute and fun to paint!)

Then I made icing with only powdered sugar, real butter, milk and salt to make an icing that would be liquid enough to paint with and that would dry well.

I LOVE mixing colors in any medium because it looks so cool during the process…
I made pink, yellow, blue, and purple. Isnt it exciting to see the colors blending!

Then I took a regular artist’s paintbrush (sanitized of course) and began to add the colors.

Slowly the colors began to come together and resemble butterflies!

Then I did a bit of decorating with spots and dots to add some flair.

And finally, my sweet tooth had waited too long and I gobbled one.

Not very vegan of me I know : ( but I am not a stickler when it comes to sweets, only meats.

Now back to work!


! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse