I am truly dedicated to my coffee. I love it so much that at night when I go to bed, I am longingly thinking about how amazing it is going to be to have my coffee when I wake up in the morning. I’ll admit that I love trying new flavors and blends. I like a pumpkin spiced latte in the fall and my peppermint mochas in the winter. No matter what I add to my coffee to make it fun and festive, I also like a strong cup of coffee just to sit and savor its delicious flavor. Purity Coffee consistently ranks at the top for flavor which to me is really the most important quality. But I’m really lucky because my healthy lifestyle is really important to me and Purity Coffee also has tremendous health benefits that were scientifically developed and extensively proven over time.

You all know by now that I donated a kidney to my husband. Two years later I got a severe kidney infection that almost cost me my life. I have to take a lot of precautions to keep my kidney health in check and Purity Coffee ot only sources 100% organic beans, but they test for mold, pesticides and Ochratoxin A, which can absolutely cause kidney damage. Purity coffee does not accept defects or toxins before the roasting process which makes all the difference in making a clean and pure cup of coffee.

It is a dramatic understatement to say that I feel really good about drinking Purity Coffee since it is my guilty pleasure for taste and aroma while being a healthy food source with 2x the antioxidants than any other coffee on the market.

Once you have tried freshly roasted Purity Coffee, you will notice the difference, not only in how it tastes, but how it makes you feel. If you want a sustained, clean energy, without the jitters and upset stomach that comes from ingesting typical commercial coffees, then Purity is for you!

Purity has the notes of cocoa, English walnuts and citrus fruits without any acidity or bitterness. Get yours now and enjoy the best coffee on the market. They ship right after roasting so you get the freshest experience in taste and aroma.


If you know me or regularly read my blog you know that I prefer to do business with companies that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, support charitable organizations and actively make the world a better place. Purity Coffee s one such company which is just another solid reason to buy from them. Coffee is among the top foods which can lower your risk of developing many different types of cancer. Purity proudly donates a portion of their revenue each year to the American Institute of Cancer Research in an effort to help support their continuing studies of how to use coffee to fight cancer. 

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