I love the ORB Factory because they have a wide selection of reasonably priced Crafts that kids LOVE to make! They have something for everyone. My son likes his “Magnetic Mosaics” Kit because he is creative and loves to make abstract designs, buildings, symmetrical patterns and more. With 1000 square foam magnets in a variety of colors, his imagination is hard at work with this creativity kit. We recently took a road trip to a wedding and he played with this on the drive. It is a much needed brain break from video games! He was frustrated the first time he used the plastic template to make a predetermined picture because he had partially competed the picture and when he held it up to show his progress, the plastic sheet was heavier than the amount of magnets holding it to the metal and the pieces fell everywhere. We learned that it needs to lay flat. 🙂 He will be taking his Magnetic Mosaics with us on our Holiday Trips and Visits so that he will not be bored AND unlike a hand held video game, this fun project can be shared with others for interpersonal group play!

My son was so excited to open his package from ORB Factory!

They sent us the Magnetic Mosaic Kit for Free to Review. My son got to choose (hard decision) what he wanted from the site and this was it.
(Thank you ORB Factory) I was excited too because it encourages mathematical thinking and creativity!

He was excited about all the templates to make “pictures by number”. There are many to choose from.

We worked together to take apart the foam magnets. I was worried that they would tear or be difficult to get apart but they are so easy. . . a well made product!

Here is a blurry picture of my son in the car on the way to Notre Dame getting prepared to create!

This is what he made from one of the templates. . .

He made other things too, like this simple snowflake. . .

And when I got a turn to play with the Mosaic Magnets I made Tetris shapes on the top of the board and we took turns pulling them down to play a game while I hummed the theme song!

You HAVE to check out ORB factory to see the multitude of Crafts that they have for kids!
You can also win a generous $25 gift card to their site by entering my giveaway on this post.
My son’s set was only $9.99 so imagine what you can get with $25 to Orb Factory!