For a long time now
my youngest son has wanted to be an architect
when he grows up.
He has also wanted to be a pro athlete in soccer and a popular artist.
This past two weeks has been filled with experiences that
are helping him confirm his abilities to reach his dreams.
Yesterday on a day off of school he went into the craft cupboard
for something to do. He emerged from the kitchen table
with a carefully planned and constructed home.
Earlier in the week he was honored by our town for his exceptional
artwork. We went to an open house honoring the artists
that were chosen to be featured inside the civic center.
And this past weekend he scored a goal in the final game
where his team took first place in their division on the NIKE Cup
Soccer Tournament in a 3 day 5 game tournament.


I am proud of my little guy for sure, but I am
so happy and grateful that he has such important
experiences and opportunities to keep his
passions fueled and goals in sight.
Before he was on a soccer team we encouraged him at the park.
Before he was being honored at school,
we hung his art work around the house and had “shows”.
Before he wanted to be an architect we made sure
to play pretend and role playing with him
so he could “be” different things.

Our children need experiences (many of them are free)
to be able to determine their identities and
dream about the possibilities of their future.

What will you do with your child today?