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Hey guys! I’m back with a second Makeup by One direction Review. This review I did a little different for you guys. I got three limited edition make up tins featuring One Direction. Each includes six eye shadow colors, one eye liner pencil, four lip glosses, one lip gloss top coat and two nail varnish colors. Out of five possible tins I got the ones with Harry, Liam and Zayn. All the makeup shades are the same in every tin but on the inside of the tin there is a makeup look that is different depending on which member is on the cover. It tells you which color eye shadow goes where and is very visual. I would have to say my favorite thing about these is the style of them all. They are very much like what one of my sketch books would look like. Very fun and colorful! the best way to describe the style is happy grunge. It seems almost like a scrapbook or a cork board. And… they are all about One Direction!!!

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So lets talk about the quality of the makeup it self. I do think these are pretty good shadows. They are well pigmented. The only complain I have is that they are a little dusty. You get a big amount of fall out on to your cheeks when you apply the shadow and so there is a little bit of clean up. The colors them selves are not bad. You get a good selection of colors that are wearable in one way or another. The only one I cant see myself using is the one called “same mistakes” which is a metallic mint color, but that doesn’t mean you wont look amazing in it. That one happened to be the one used in Harry’s tin the most so when I did that makeup for my video you can probably gather that I was looking a little silly by the end. It turned out very 80’s looking (which has been making a comeback). The other shades are all very pretty and I will use them a lot I think especially the color called “I would”. It is a smokey brown with just a shimmer of gold. Now that it’s the holidays/ autumn I know I will get a lot of use out of that one. In the tin there is also a nude pink color a deep blue purple a black shimmer and a silver.Gorgeous!

Now the eye liner. It says this line is meant to be very black but when I put it on it came out Grey blue and is not a solid color. It was a little tough to get on but i’m sure if you heat it up a bit with a blow dryer of something it might work a bit better.

Now for the lip glosses. There are 4 colors of lip glosses. A hot pink, light pink, red-ish pink and a nude. All except the hot pink have a bunch of shimmer to them. They are a bit sticky and I don’t really see myself using them any time soon. In addition to the other lip glosses there is a lip gloss in a tube that they are calling lip gloss top coat. This is a clear gloss with a lot of sparkles in it. I will probably end up using this one more then the others.

Now last but not least the nail colors. I really liked these it came with a magenta shimmer color called “Stole My Heart”. That one is very pretty! I will end up using these a lot more then I thought I would. The second color is called “Alive” which is a multicolored glitter confetti nail polish. This one is so pretty! It has tiny little glitter flake confetti pieces in it that are red, light blue, green, fuchsia and silver. It is so pretty and would look so cool over any color base nail polish.

Over all I really did like these One Direction make-up collection sets. It seals up in the tin and is small enough to carry or travel with. It was so fun playing with the colors and looking at the tin itself. If you want a chance to win one for yourself then check out the giveaway below. Make sure you read the rules to find out if you are eligible to enter then if your are, just fill out the form and cross your fingers! This would be great to win for someone as a gift for the holidays too!


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